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First Date Outfit Inspiration From Your Fave Celebs

Getting asked out on a date is probably one of the best feelings ever. Someone really wants to know and spend time with you, and this could lead to great things for the two of you–but then you remember that he’s choosing the activity, and oh, yeah–you have no idea what to wear. Luckily, Faze has you covered with tons of celebrity-inspired fashion ideas that will have you looking perfect for whatever date your crush has in mind for you.

Movie Date

When it comes to movie dates, figuring out what to wear can be difficult. Although you’re going to be in a dark theatre, you still want to look good. You don’t want to be too dressed up , but you don’t want to look sloppy either, which is why Kim Kardashian’s jeans and scarf combination is perfect for this type of date. The jeans make the outfit casual, while the scarf adds a bit of a fancier flare. This shows that you are able to look chic in any setting, and it’s the perfect look to rock when being asked out to the movie theatre. Try to sweep your hair in a tight sock bun like Kim displays for an even more put-together look.


Concert Date

Kendall Jenner gives us the perfect fashion inspiration, whether you’re going to a music festival or a concert indoors.  Kendall isn’t afraid to try out different looks, so you shouldn’t be either! If you’re going to a concert, try high-waisted jeans with a pretty crop top (any colour is fine), and pair that with some tie-up boots. It’s the perfect mix of fancy and casual: similar to the previous look Kendall’s big sister, Kim, wore. If you’re going to a music festival, try embracing patterns like Kendall does and finish the look wearing a simple (plain coloured) top. Too much going on all at once isn’t a good look, but having your bottoms patterned then matching them with a solid-coloured top makes for a fun look that shows that you’re comfortable with embracing different designs.


Road Trip Date

If your date requires a long drive, of course you want to be comfortable, but did you know that you can also look cute while being comfy? Gigi Hadid shows that you can, by rocking edgy leggings with zippers, a plain white T-shirt with a sweater looped around her neck and Adidas on her feet. Add some Ray-Ban sunglasses and you’re set for whatever road trip awaits you and your guy. This outfit looks effortless but adorable at the same time, which is why it had to make this list.


Dinner Date

You’re asked to go out to a fancy restaurant but since you’ve never been there before, you’re worried that you’re going to be either over- or under-dressed…what do you do? You could Snapchat your friends a million possible outfits you’re unsure of. Or, you could look at Kylie Jenner, who gives the perfect option for a situation like this by combining a pretty knee-length skirt with heels and a tank top. You’ll look elegant and sophisticated without looking like you’re off to prom. Nude tones are another idea that will soften your overall look. He’ll be amazed to see you in such a simple but beautiful outfit like this.


Beach Date

Ah, probably one of the most complicated “what to wear” decisions is when you’re asked to go to the beach. Of course, it makes sense to wear a bathing suit, but what if you don’t end up swimming? What if your date wants to take you shopping near the boardwalk, or go out for lunch at a restaurant near the beach? So much pressure! Luckily, Blake Lively has the perfect OOTD inspiration if you’re caught in this situation. Wear a bathing suit if you think you’re going to swim at some point in the day, but choose a cover-up dress (they can be bought at any swimwear store) that looks like a regular summer dress and wear it over your suit. This way, you’re ready for whatever your date has in mind for you, and you can easily take off your cover-up and be ready for the water in seconds. Paired with a cute beach bag, this look is perfect for your next beach date.


Sports Date

Figuring out what to wear when you get asked out to a sporting event can be difficult. You may not be a super fan and own a jersey from one of the teams playing, but you don’t want to stand out for being awkwardly dressed either. As you try to memorize statistics and facts about the sports teams facing one another so you can impress your date, pause for a second and realize that you can impress him in another way: by what you’re wearing. Beyonce slays this sporting event look as she looks edgy and stylish simultaneously. The white top and jeans is a classic look, but pairing it with the leather jacket and heels, you’ve now turned a chic look into a fierce look. You’re now ready to go out on your sports date and channel your inner Queen B!


Ice Cream Date

Ice cream dates are meant to be cute and fun, so your outfit should show that as well. Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio wears the perfect outfit for this type of date: shorts and a loose boho-style top. The look gives off a bit of a Coachella vibe, but if it’s a warm sunny day out you’ll be ready to enjoy a cold snack with your cutie. To add even more style and finish off the look, wear multiple bracelets and a silver necklace like Alessandra does.


Amusement Park Date

You’re going to be spending all day outside in the heat, while waiting in long line-ups to get on your favourite rides at the local amusement park. You want to look cute but you want to be practical as well, which is why Faze thinks Selena Gomez sets the bar for what to wear on an amusement park date. You can’t go wrong with shorts and a loose top (in case you sweat a bit). Paired with comfortable sandals, sunglasses and a feather necklace, you’re ready to share cotton candy and endure all of the rollercoasters you wanto to go on with your guy.


Surprise Date

You’re chilling at home watching re-runs of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, then all of a sudden, your crush texts you and asks you to be ready outside your house in 15 minutes for a surprise date. What are you supposed to do?! Well, don’t panic because Faze has the perfect inspiration for you. We love this casual but cute look that Taylor Swift rocks. It doesn’t look like it took her multiple hours to get ready, but she doesn’t look sloppy either. If you don’t own one already, try purchasing a button-up skirt like she’s wearing (they can be found at many stores, such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Top Shop and Brandy Melville) and pair it with a plain coloured top. For extra ‘pop’, add a bright-coloured bag and  shoes that have a bit of a heel to them. This way, you’re set for whatever date your guy has in mind for you, whether it’s fancy or casual. This is the perfect in-between look that is a must-have for your closet.


Workout Date

Not all dates involve sitting or relaxing. If you get asked to go on a workout date, don’t dread the idea of sweating in front of your crush. Embrace the idea of getting active while getting to know your date more. If you’re asked to go on a hike or run, you need to make sure you’re wearing proper workout clothes that are easy for you to move and breathe in. Luckily, there are TONS of cute workout clothes out there, and Shay Mitchell always seems to know just how to wear them, making her your OOTD inspiration for this sort of date. Wear a cute, loose shirt and pair it with some leggings (easy, right?). It would be nice to have a pop of colour somewhere though, so try to wear a vibrantly coloured pair of shoes or sports bra with the outfit. Complete the look with aviators like Shay does and you’re set for any workout your date may have in store for you, looking totally stylish, of course!


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