First Date Pet Peeves

First dates can be one of two things—great or not so great. With that being said, Faze has some great first date tips to share with you to avoid the latter.

1. First and foremost, guys hate it when girls are constantly on their phones. Whether you’re checking your email, text messages or social media accounts, politely excuse yourself and go to the bathroom to check it. Don’t cell yourself short, especially if you’re into the guy!Couple-on-cell-phones-during-date-750x400

2. Guys hate it when girls expect their dinner or movie to be paid for, always offer to pay or split the bill as a form of courtesy—even though you know they’re probably going to pay!scary-movie-first-date-1024x695

3. Guys hate it when girls wear too much make-up or overdress for the occasion. You’re beautiful, so be yourself! Keep in mind the location of your date and dress accordingly.Bad First Date2

4. Guys hate it when girls are sloppy—know your alcohol limits to prevent you from making a fool out of yourself.first date

5. Guys hate it when they are put into awkward situations. You can’t always expect your date to start off a conversation or make jokes. Always engage in conversation, try new things and most importantly have fun!bad-first-date


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