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Fitness Workout: Time To Burn Some Rubber (Tubing)

Get a full body workout with simple rubber tubing with these 8 patterns

Rubbing Tubing Workout
Photography by Bryan Porterfield
Shot on location at Totum Life Science in Toronto
Model courtesy of Bickerton Models
Model’s wardrobe courtesy of Nike Canada

Our trainer/consultant is Dr. Craig Davies, performance therapist for the National Golf Program of the Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA).

The great thing about rubber tubing (and a couple handles) is it’s a resistance exercise you can do anywhere: at the gym, at home, in your hotel room. And as it uses minimal equipment, it’s affordable, light and really easily to pack! Here are 8 basic moves that covers most of your key muscle groups.

1. Squat Press

Start in a squat position with your butt out, your back straight, your abs pulled in, and your chin parallel to the floor. Stand up, pushing your arms straight up.

Rubbing Tubing Workout

TIP: Extend only one arm at a time to work your obliques and shoulders.

2. Lunging Chest Press

Start with your knees at 90 degrees, your hands at your shoulders, and your back heel raised. Extend your arms forward, bringing your hands together.

Rubbing Tubing WorkoutRubbing Tubing Workout

TIP: Put more weight on your front heel to work your quads.

3. Cross Tubing Side Walk

Start in the squat position with the tube crossed. Step to the side with one foot. Return to the start position, then step to the other side.

Rubbing Tubing WorkoutRubbing Tubing Workout

TIP: Make it easier by keeping your arms straight down at your sides.

4. Lunging Tricep

Start with one arm bent, making sure there’s tension in the band. Extend your arm, squeezing your tricep.

Rubbing Tubing WorkoutRubbing Tubing Workout

TIP: Lunge deeper to burn more calories.

5. V-Sit with Bicep Curl

Start by leaning back in a V position with your chest up and your abs pulled in. Pull your hands back into a rowing position.

Rubbing Tubing Workout
Rubbing Tubing Workout
Rubbing Tubing Workout

TIP: Keep your elbows at your sides and bring your arms up to a bicep curl to modify the exercise.

6. Glute Extension

Start on your hands and knees with your back straight and the tubing around one foot. Extend your leg straight out.

Rubbing Tubing Workout
Rubbing Tubing Workout
Rubbing Tubing Workout

TIP: Make the move harder by extending the opposite arm at the same time.

7. Reverse Wood Chop

Start with your knees bent, the tubing handle above your right knee, and your body weight on your right leg. (Secure the rubber tubing handle under a door.) Keeping your arms straight, move the tubing diagonally to your left shoulder, pivot on your right foot, and shift your weight to the other leg.

Rubbing Tubing Workout Rubbing Tubing Workout

TIP: Start in a deeper squat to work on your balance and glutes.

8. Lateral Shoulder Raise

Start with your knees bent and shoulder width apart, and cross the rubber tubing. Bring your arms up to shoulder height while you bend your knees and squat.

Rubbing Tubing Workout Rubbing Tubing Workout

TIP: To make the move easier, start with the bands uncrossed.

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