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Classic Food And Wine Pairings You Should Try

red wine pairings

Drinking wine in moderation can provide a lot of health benefits. Drinking a glass of wine regularly can boost your immune system by helping it function properly and ward off infections and bacteria, thus keeping you healthy in the long run. Wine can also increase your bone density, reduce your risk of stroke, and lower your cholesterol levels.

Wine might be healthy, but consuming it without any pair can make your drinking experience unexciting over time. Your taste buds are accustomed to the taste of the wine, so there’s nothing to look forward to.

Wine is already a flavorful drink, and pairing it with the best foods can significantly boost its flavors. Check out the best wines from when you try out the food and wine pairings listed below:

1. Steak and Cabernet Sauvignon

Steaks are considered a staple in most homes and restaurants. This dish can be cooked in different ways and can be marinated using different herbs and spices. Regardless of your taste and meat temperature preferences, there will always be a particular steak dish that fits the bill.

After indulging in a tasty steak meal, top it off by drinking a few glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon. This is a type of wine made from several red grapes and is known to have intense flavors. Other flavors used to create the Cabernet Sauvignon are black cherry, warm spice, tobacco, and vanilla.

Steak and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon make a great pair because red meats can complement the fruity flavor of the wine.

red wine steak cabernet sauvignon

2. Spaghetti Bolognese or Lasagna and Chianti

Preparing an Italian dinner at home is an excellent way of spicing up your meals. There are several Italian dishes you can recreate at home, but for some, spaghetti and lasagna are two of the easiest. With the simplicity of its ingredients and procedures, you can effortlessly make these Italian dishes.

For your next Italian meal, enhance the traditional spaghetti dish you know and opt to create spaghetti Bolognese instead. Unlike traditional spaghetti, this Italian dish is made from a meat-based sauce.

Conclude your Italian meal at home by serving glasses of Chianti. This wine is known to be one of the best Italian wines and best consumed with food. Chianti wines also vary in age and grape blend. Find out More wines from Italy here at Wine Online.

Aside from being Italian classics, spaghetti Bolognese or lasagna and Chianti wines go well with each other as the bold and fruity flavor of the beverage complements the acidity of the tomatoes from the pasta.

3. Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms with Pinot Noir

Bacon is a classic favorite among individuals from different parts of the world. Although this food originated in China, you can now order several flavors of bacon in other countries. You can even pair bacon with other flavors, making it one of the most diverse and well-loved foods in the world.

If you want this classic favorite to taste better, pair it with Pinot Noir wines. Often characterized by its fruity taste, Pinot Noir wines showcase flavors of herbs and mushrooms. Its primary flavors include vanilla, cherry, raspberry, and hibiscus.

Pinot Noir is the perfect drink to pair with bacon stuffed mushrooms as the light, and fruity flavor of the beverage goes well with the savory flavor of the food. This food and wine pairing can turn any vegetarian-friendly meal more exciting and memorable!

bacon stuffed mushrooms

4. Barbecued Lamb, Beef or Pork and Malbec

Weekends and holidays become more memorable when you’re holding backyard parties with your friends and family. This activity is affordable and very easy to organize. Aside from allowing the adults to catch up, backyard parties can also encourage the kids to socialize with their peers and engage in physical activities.

And with every backyard party, expect to see barbecued meats. Preparing these dishes will only take about an hour, and cooking it in the grill will only consume two hours.

Since meat barbecues are easy to prepare, you’ve probably experienced pairing it with several drinks in the past—from cold beers to fruit juices and colas.

If you want your next backyard party to be unique, swap these drinks for a bottle of Malbec. This wine is known for its smoky finish and dark fruit flavors. It contains high levels of acidity, as well as alcohol and tannin levels.

Barbequed meats and Malbec wines go together as the bold flavor of the beverage mixes well with the spiciness and sweetness of your barbecue sauce.

Try Other Options

Generally, the food you choose should be less acidic or sweeter than the wine. If possible, the wine should contain the same flavor intensity as the food. But since there’s no rule set in stone when it comes to food and wine pairings, go ahead and experiment on your own.

Mix and match some of your favorite foods and wines so you can discover combinations that perfectly suit your unique taste buds!

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