Freedom of Choice: The New Coca-Cola Freestyle Fountain

coca cola freestyle fountain

Making a decision about what to drink is going to be a lot harder with the introduction of Coca-Cola Freestyle. The days of choosing from five to eight different brands of drinks—whether at a fast food restaurant or a movie theatre—are coming to an end thanks to this award-winning and innovative new fountain that has just arrived in Canada.

Offering a large selection that one could have only imagined, Coca-Cola Freestyle puts more than 100 beverage options at your fingertips available in a matter of seconds.

Faze had the opportunity to see its revelation at the Scotiabank Theatre on May 4th where Coca-Cola employees and media gathered to test and taste what the new technology has to offer.

Whether you’re looking for a regular, low or zero-calorie drink or want to choose between sparkling and still, there is bound to be something your taste buds are craving. From sports drinks to lemonades to sparkling beverages; there are over 50 low and zero-calorie and more than 75 caffeine-free beverages. Coca-Cola Freestyle offers the classic favourites you all love and recognize such as Coca-Cola and Sprite, but also brings new and exciting drinks that Canadians have not yet been exposed to like Pibb Zero, Hi-C Raspberry Lime and Minute Maid Light Orange Lemonade.

All of these new drink options and varieties are cool (literally), but what’s even more exciting is the machine itself! It’s a sleek and stylish red and white drink dispenser with an interactive touch-screen.

Coca-Cola Freestyle does not simply give you a drink, but an interactive experience. Forbes has even declared it as one of the coolest products of the decade. Quenching your thirst has never been so delicious and fun!

So take a step into the future with Coca-Cola Freestyle, which will be available in the Greater Toronto Area at select locations.

For details (including locations) visit, or follow on Twitter at @cocacola_ca #ccfreestyle_ca.

Faze's Naomi Leanage has a favourite combo!

coca cola freestyle fountain

coca cola freestyle fountain

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