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8 Fun Office Pranks That Won’t Get You Fired In 2022

office coworkers pranks fun

After a while, staying in the office can get pretty dull. You see the same people and do the same mundane tasks until it’s time you can clock out. The eight hours in a day might seem too long, and you wish it would end because even staring in front of your computer can be quite exhausting.

That’s why a prank done to some officemates is a welcome respite. The hilarity of the situation that could leave you rolling on the floor laughing is something refreshing and cathartic. Witnessing a successful prank happening in front of you is something you can look forward to occasionally.

A prank done on April fool’s day isn’t an excuse to shamelessly make pranks that could leave people without a job at the end of the day. Having fits of laughter at the expense of someone is acceptable in some but not all instances. And when you perform pranks on other people in the workplace, ensure that it won’t get you fired.

Some pranks that could get you fired involve those that could endanger the life of other people and disrupt the entire organization’s workflow resulting in losses and damage to company property.

If you want to play a prank on someone, plan it well so you won’t have the same fate as the jester on A Fool’s Errand, who had to seek refuge in an unknown location and seek the help of a frail young woman to complete his mission. Here are some pranks that you could do that won’t get you fired:

1. Tape Their Mouse On The Pad

Your workaholic officemate can do nothing without their computer for a few minutes as you place a double-sided tape under it. No matter how hard they want to roll the mouse, it won’t budge as it gets stuck on the pad.

2. Smear Honey On The Door Knob

Sticky honey might make your co-worker feel that they touched something gross like poop and will only realize it’s honey after a while. Add more hilarity by asking someone to use a party popper filled with colorful confetti, so the honey will be more challenging to remove.

3. Give Them A Round Of Applause

Some of your co-workers might take a one-hour lunch break to sleep or just can’t help sleeping while on duty. Plan a loud clapping session for your sleepy officemate. Clap near their station like somebody just won an award. Check their reaction as they wake up to the sound of clapping. Some who just woke up will join in the applause, thinking they missed something important. This will teach them a lesson to take their coffee in the morning to stay alert while at work.

4. Wrap It Up

For your officemate who’s consistently tardy, why not wrap all their stuff in a gift wrapper? Wrap their chair, computer, stapler, pens, and everything on their desk. As they scramble to begin their day, they’ll have fits of laughter instead.

5. Razor Prank

The sound of a razor behind your ear can make you panic, thinking that your hair is being sheared away. Turn on a razor near the ear of your officemate and watch and record their reaction. Just make sure it’s not too near that it might cause an accident.

6. You’re Not On Mute

Virtual office meetings aren’t immune to the hilarity of office pranks. While on a brainstorming session, ensure that everyone’s mic is on mute except yours. Have a co-conspirator at home tell you stuff while you’re in a meeting. Anything that may surprise those who can hear it.

Maybe you forgot to flush the toilet, and there’s a gigantic poop floating on it or anything hilarious and gross. Do this when your boss isn’t in the meeting with you, and it’s just you and the rest of your department’s staff.

7. Somebody Farted

Using a tooter that makes a loud farting sound, conspire with some of your officemates against one and make the rest believe that that person farted. Up the ante by getting something that smells bad, like a hardboiled egg stored in a room temperature airtight container for two days. Open the lid near that person for a more realistic prank.

8. Iced Coffee Prank

You know how office people scramble for coffee in the morning and what happens when they don’t immediately get it. The night before your prank, fill the coffee pot with freshly brewed coffee and freeze it. The following day, put it back on the station and see how your office pals try their best to pour that coffee on their mug without success. Make sure to have a spare brewed coffee on standby so you won’t bear the wrath of your half-awake officemates.


office coworkers pranks fun

Office days don’t have to be dreary and bleak. You can have a little fun just as long as it’s within the boundaries of your company rules. You may play pranks on your officemates to loosen up the atmosphere and make them feel light and happy. Occasionally, doing this might boost your team’s morale and make them more productive at work. If you’re the office jester, you have an unofficial role in making the entire team happy.

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