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Have Fun During Your Staycation In Canada: Top Sights in Montreal

With no international travel as we used to know it in sight, staycations have taken over the market. Canadians have started discovering their home country and are astonished by its charms. One of the top home destinations for a city break is beautiful Montreal! The city best experienced on the move, whether wandering through a street festival, walking along the riverfront or scaling Mount Royal, there is vibrancy in all neighborhoods. The world-class museums stand alongside hockey ballparks, while poutine and sugar shacks make for an authentic family-friendly Canadian vacation experience. The biggest city in the region of Quebec, Montreal is a French-Canadian province capital, a buzzling island city on the majestic St Lawrence River.

Must-see sights in Montreal

Known for its diversity, Montreal is a multicultural habitat, where natives are bilingual, speaking English and French as well as additional minority languages such as German, Spanish and native Indian dialects. You’ll get the international abroad feel right away! Off the well-trampled tourist tracks, Montreal is not only an architectural wonder but is also packed with eclectic restaurants and trendy boutiques. Indigenous exhibits of ethnic art and the international jazz festival happens here where landmarks include the underground shopping district and late-night entertainment spots.

For things to do in Montreal, you’ll find the best-smoked meats and bagels along the way. Here’s a list with fun activities to do in Montreal:

Take a boat cruise around the city of Montreal

Since Montreal is typically a river island, why not catch a lot more viewers, and from a different angle with a boat tour? Multilingual live guided boat tours are available without reservation, departing several times a day from the old port at Montreal marina, aptly named Canada boat tour. During winter, panoramic covered boat tours offer dinner, and you can gaze at the city while sipping on your favorite cocktail.

Boat Cruise in montreal harbour

Go underground into a subterranean Montreal

There are over 20 miles of subterranean tunnels that make up an underground city in Montreal, complete with shopping malls, restaurants, parking lots, and a fountain. Since Montreal is a river island, the porous soil required that the skyscraper foundation had to be dug deep. Interconnecting these huge basements and spaces resulted in an underground metropolis that quite busy, especially when it rains or during winter.

Visit a cabaret show in Casino de Montreal

The iconic structure of Montreal Casino is one of the most impressive and visited buildings in Quebec and the whole of Canada. In addition to a first-class gaming experience at Monte Carlo style Roulette and Blackjack tables you can enjoy a spectacular range of shows. The Cabaret du Casino is one of the top recommendations, bringing a true Moulin Rouge feel to Canada. Stay tuned on all shows because we have good news: all events will resume August 3 with the grand reopening of Montreal Casino.

Find space for life at the Montreal Botanical Garden

The restored and reinvigorated Montreal Botanical Garden was reopened last summer, and here you can disconnect from the city’s bustle. An impressive array of gardens and botanical exhibitions include the breathtaking Japanese, Alpine, and Chinese greenery, flowers or rare plants. Catch the brightly lit Jardins de Lumiere, and see plenty with your family at the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

Montreal Botanical Gardens

Bike ride with Montreal locals

Grab a bike and ride around the city of Montreal, which is very cycling friendly and has countless rental and bikeways across the city.  Hire bikes from the BIXI stations for a day or a couple of hours with your smartphone app, and get to visit and see the entire city on your two-wheelers.

Visit the Basilique Notre-dame

One of the top things to do in Montreal must involve a tour of this famous cathedral, with its ancient brick and stained glass history. Admire the golden altar, and catch the basilica light show; Aura in the evening and the free Wi-Fi is opportune for playing online casino games as you enjoy the splendor.

notre-dame basilica of montreal

Hike up Mount Royal for a peak Montreal city view

Though just about 200 meters high, Montreal locals love to call this hill Mount Royal, mainly due to the fantastic view of the whole city. A bus or taxi will take you to the top, but the most exhilarating way thing to do is take the 15-minute walk up Mount Royal. Grab a blanket and take in the sun at the park on this hill as you play online games on iOS or Android devices complemented by the charming city view.

Go back in time to Vieux Montreal

This is Old Montreal, where the city grew up from and one of the most majestic places where 19tth century architecture fits in with 20th-century buildings. See how the river shaped this city’s culture from St Paul’s Street in Montreal and step back in time at the Place Jacques Cartier. Shop at the Bonsecours Market, which is the oldest in Montreal, and relax near the Le Vieux Port de Montreal near the waterfront.

old montreal

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