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Funky, Fresh and Fabulous: “Big Brother Canada’s” Gary Levy

Big Brother Canada runner-up Gary Levy is the definition of fabulous.


Dressed head-to-toe in glitter, with a feather boa and purple sunglasses, the 22-year-old makes a statement to the world: he dares to be different.

The Toronto native had the chance of a lifetime to compete in Canada’s newest reality show. “Being on Big Brother Canada was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I was so excited to be on it because I had watched the show as a kid,” he says.

Gary was lucky enough to get voted back into the house by Canada after being voted out weeks before, but eventually lost, due to an accidental wrong vote from a jury member. However, Gary takes his loss graciously. “I was happy I made it that far, after getting voted back into the house, everything after felt like a really good experience. I was just happy I got a second wind, so anything that happened after that moment, I was fine with,” he says.

Gary’s ultimate goal when competing on the show was not just to win the money but to show young viewers that it’s okay to be different. Even though thousands of viewers were watching the houseguests’ every move, Gary was not afraid to dress in head-to-toe glitter or even put on a dress to show off his female “alter-ego.” His large personality was out there for the whole country to see. And they loved him.

Gary Levy with intern Brie Davis
Gary Levy with Faze’s Brie Davis

With over 17,000 followers on Twitter, Gary uses his sudden popularity on social media to spread his love and support to all of his fans. “All I have to do is give a hug or say hello, and just listen to their story. If you just take five minutes out of your day, you could really make someone really happy. That’s what I’m all about,” he says.

Now that he has been out of the house for several months, Gary hopes to make an even bigger difference with the youth of Canada. By visiting the different provinces in Canada and meeting with students in their schools, Gary wants to inspire them to pursue their dreams while also being true to themselves.

“Don’t try to be something that you’re not. I think that if you live your life honestly, and you’re happy with yourself, people will respect and love you and life will be good for you,” Gary explains. “And you won’t have to deal with nonsense if you stand for yourself and who you are. People will have to accept you because you aren’t going to change for anybody.”

It’s never been easy for Gary, though; growing up, he was bullied in school because he was different than most other people. “I had friends, but I still got bullied. So it was a struggle every year,” he says.

Now that he’s older, Gary has advice for those struggling with bullies now. “I suggest to kids that are being bullied to join clubs,” he says. “Make friends with people who are like you, who are interested in the same things and you won’t feel so alone.”

Check out what’s happening with Gary now on his Twitter.

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