The Funniest Movies Of All Time

Without a doubt, laughter is the best medicine! When putting this list of the funniest movies of all time together it was hard not to overdose! After looking at countless movies, here is a handful of movies that are believed to be top of their game! Each one of these movies is timeless and no matter how many times you have seen them the comedy never fades, and you always find something you never noticed before to laugh at. So, let’s look at what’s in store!

#5) School of Rock

Who knew school could be so much fun? This charming tale of a faux manic substitute schoolteacher who recruits a group of school kids to form a rock band so he can win a battle of the bands – but hey, it worked! With many chaotic moments and a rocking soundtrack, the movie is held together by its star – Jack Black. Black is the focal point for much of the movie’s humor. Thanks to its popularity, many schools of rock have popped up in honor of the movie!

Funniest Movies - School of Rock

#4) Office Space

Work will never be the same again! It may have been made in 1999, but many of the issues raised in this office-based comedy are still relevant today. And that is probably the reason it speaks to so many people and gives the movie a cult status. The movie comes with many memorable scenes, including the interviews with the two Bobs, Milton’s new office and of course the legendary printer scene.  So, this is one you should not miss out on – “Didn’t you get the memo?”

Funniest Movies - Office Space

#3) Napoleon Dynamite

Perhaps one of the best underdog stories, Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder) does not fit in anywhere, but he always knows how to make the best of a bad situation. But audiences could not help but be endeared to him and his band of odd friends. This included the iconic Pedro who Napoleon helps run for class president. The movie also contains the classic dance sequence and the Rex Kwon Do scene.   But just don’t ask him for advice about girls…

Funniest Movies - Napolean Dynamite

#2) South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

America goes to war with Canada over a pair of potty-mouthed cartoon characters. South Park made the leap from the small screen to the big screen with such ease that it became a legend in the process. Cartman, Kyle, Stan and the gang dropped lashings of foul language and Saddam Hussain in the mix… What could go wrong? Even Satan shows up as Saddam’s lover… The movie is also filled with unforgettable musical numbers to top things off!

Funniest Movies - South Park vs Canada

#1) Airplane!

No other movie gets laughs per minute than this comedy classic from 1980! Seriously, you cannot move for jokes. You name it and it’s there: one-liners, visual gags and timing. Every actor was on form in his spoof of the disaster movies that studios had been churning out over the 1970s. All eyes are on Leslie Nielsen, as his ability to play it straight through all the mayhem around him and not lose it once as the Doctor that is tasked with helping to make sure the passengers make it in one piece.

Funniest Movies - Airplane!

Well, looks like your weekend is sorted. Get your hands on the movies above and treat yourself to some of the greatest comedies. While you wait for your better half to return with the treats you could try playing slot games, Kitty Bingo. You will find games inspired by top comedy movies such as Anchorman slots.

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