The Future Of Landscaping: What’s Trending In 2022?

backyard landscaping design pool deck

Landscaping has long represented a method for improving your outdoor space and living. With that said, the right landscaping allows you to reconnect with nature and all of its beauty from the comfort of your own home, with more time spent outdoors. Thus, it is a wise decision to have a good game plan in place for transforming your backyard into the perfect hangout. Considering that, with a wonderful outdoor living area, you can transform every weekend into your own personal getaway!

Whether you have a large backyard, a quaint front porch, or a small balcony, today’s outdoor spaces are increasingly being designed for daily use rather than occasional weekend gatherings or warm-weather grill-outs. In fact, many homeowners increasingly rely on their outside spaces to provide extra living space, a calm retreat, and a connection to nature that their houses may not otherwise provide. Work, play, cooking, relaxing, and entertaining are all migrating outdoors, weather permitting. To accommodate these new desires, the latest in outdoor living trends incorporate the comfort, convenience, and design prevalent within your household spaces. Bringing the indoors out, in an effort to truly transform your outdoor spaces into a sanctuary for you to escape the indoors.

All of which is said to enhance your 2022, come what may. To that extent, M.E. Contracting, one of Toronto’s premier decking and landscaping companies, has put together this article to supply you with some ideas for sprucing up your outdoor living space, so you can ring in the spring in style this year.

The Top 6 Landscaping Trends for 2022:

This spring, people will be looking to benefit from their outdoor living spaces now that they’ve tasted how much enjoyment they get from them. Throughout the last couple of years, homeowners have had to convert them into locations where they can not only relax but also live. As such, whether you’re in need of some inspiration or are planning on redecorating your outdoor living space, M.E. Contracting is here to help. Learn how to maximize the potential of your outdoor living areas this spring with these top 6 landscaping trends for 2022.

1. Outdoor Workspaces

First up, we have outdoor workspaces. For many, remote work is here to stay, and work-from-home arrangements are evolving. While makeshift workstations at the dining table or couch have been prevalent in recent years, 2022 is the year of the outdoor office. Outdoor workstations allow you to create an area for work, crafts, study, and more without taking up valuable room indoors. Whether you’re looking to convert a gazebo or pergola into a private office or put up a workstation on the deck to extend work-from-home hours outside, outdoor workspace is a significant part of the future of landscape design.

backyard landscaping design pool deck

2. Structured Outdoor Rooms

Next up, in the latest landscaping trends for 2022, is structured outdoor rooms. Patios, decks, and other outdoor structures are increasingly being considered as distinct rooms that function as additional living spaces. Considering that, they are further representative of this year’s landscaping moto, “bringing the indoors out.” That being said, this new outdoor living trend is fueling an increase in furnishings that reinforce that room-like feeling, such as built-in seating (benches) and multi-purpose shaded structures with an overhead “ceiling.” In fact, year after year, we have seen a significant uptick in web searches for outdoor pergolas and gazebos, as homeowners look for methods to define their outdoor living space while keeping that open-air feel.

backyard landscaping design pool deck

Pergolas & Gazebos:

Modern families understand that their home is more than simply the décor. To that extent, outdoor landscaping is becoming a very valued and desirable component in today’s multifamily housing market. You want your yard to be as appealing as your living room, whether you are a young couple or a retired couple. However, people often avoid their gardens when there is no protection from the elements. As such, having a gazebo or pergola in your backyard makes for the perfect outdoor solution. Especially with an increasing number of homeowners seeking to truly transform their gardens into comfortable places to rest, mingle, and work while outside.

Simply described, gazebos and pergolas are two forms of roofed outdoor structures. The majority of them feature open-concept walls to provide an unobstructed view of your natural surroundings. This makes it easier to reconnect with nature while relaxing under a comfortable and sheltered built-in structure. That being said, the installation of a gazebo or pergola in your backyard can help you maximize your outdoor living space, turning it from a plain garden into a relaxing retreat or workspace. There are several outdoor solution companies that are available to you that can assist in meeting your demands for a new backyard oasis. However, by choosing a professional company, such as M.E. Contracting, with years of experience, your yard can be turned into the retreat of your dreams in no time.

3. Patios & Decks-Patterned Surfaces

Third up, in the latest landscaping trends for 2022, are patios and decks—patterned surfaces. Recently, adding patterns underfoot outside is said to have the same impact as adding a bright new area rug to a living room or new tiles to a bathroom. As such, homeowners are now sprucing up concrete patios with stenciled motifs and painting deck planks with eye-catching patterns. Install patio pavers in alternate colors to form a geometric pattern for a more permanent dose of design, or swap standard pavers for eye-catching cement tiles. Or better yet, take inspiration from the surrounding countryside to create a rural retreat that blends into the natural landscaping, by combining the use of stone and timber with lush planting. With a little creativity and help from local Toronto Deck Builder, the entire outside space may be transformed into a masterpiece.

backyard landscaping design pool deck

Sunken Patios

If you are looking for a new and innovative way to redesign your outdoor living space, one of the most popular landscaping trends to date is a sunken terrace or patio. Simple design choices, such as lowering a portion of your landscape, can heighten its intensity and add dimension to small or flat yards. This allows you to maximize your outdoor living space by creating various levels. Furthermore, this landscape design trend offers sufficient privacy, as if it were a separate room, and can improve one’s perspective of other garden features found in your backyard.

A sunken patio is a charming outdoor solution that can be fashioned in a range of styles, colors, and room configurations. However, because such a design element is relatively new (it first emerged in the middle of the past century), the most common designs for such places are contemporary, modern, and minimalist. However, you may choose any style that appeals to you.

4. Pools & Water Features-Backyard Oasis

With the ongoing economic uncertainties in the world, staycations are becoming more enticing than ever. To that extent, adding resort-style elements to your outdoor living space can further assist you in creating a pleasant backyard oasis without the need for a plane ticket. Choose modest modifications like water features for a peaceful atmosphere, chaise lounge chairs for laid-back lounging, or for the ultimate backyard getaway, consider investing in a new pool or spa. Pools, spas, and fountains all inspire calmness and tranquility in their surroundings, making them ideal for your backyard oasis. What is more, because water features can act as visual and audio elements in any yard, this feature will create a peaceful ambiance while also serving as décor. Hence, creating a peaceful environment for you and the whole family to enjoy and unwind after a long day. For the highest quality service and materials for your backyard oasis, contact M.E. Contracting today!

backyard landscaping design pool deck

5. Outdoor Accessories

Outdoor accessories are the fifth most popular landscaping trend for 2022 that we will explore. With the value of landscaping continuing to grow, just because you don’t have a huge backyard doesn’t mean you can’t participate. In particular, with innovative companies devising new creative strategies to maximize every square inch of available outdoor living space. To that extent, if your aim is to make a creative statement with a sense of purpose this spring, it may be time to consider the use of outdoor accessories, such as lighting, planters, and privacy screens. The strategic use of these outdoor accessories can further enhance your outdoor living space and assist you in truly transforming it into the outdoor oasis of your dreams. This is accomplished by allowing you to create an artful element of surprise and transform the atmosphere of your yard completely overnight. In fact, outdoor accessories have seen a significant rise in sales over the course of the last couple years, with homeowners’ newfound desire to bring the indoors out.

backyard landscaping design pool deck


Plants and planters are usually a good idea when it comes to accessorizing your outdoor living area. Because balconies and terraces in cities typically lack greenery and seclusion, plants are essential for offering both. What is more, for those individuals who lack a green thumb, there are a variety of realistic outdoor artificial plants and hedges that would provide you with the much-needed foliage and seclusion that your current yard might be missing. To that extent, the use of planters and plants presents a simple, affordable, and impactful outdoor solution for sprucing up your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Lighting

Aside from plants, lighting is an important feature in outdoor spaces as it helps to create the perfect atmosphere whether you’re entertaining or relaxing poolside after a long day’s work. What is more, while security and safety lighting are still crucial, today’s outdoor lighting trends are more concerned with aesthetics. For instance, lights float in ponds, dazzle greenery, decorate pathways, and dangle from cables, all of which is solely based on aesthetics. Considering that, homeowners are increasingly interested in adding elegant and functional lighting to their outdoor living spaces as a means to transform the overall atmosphere once the sun goes down. To that extent, low voltage, LED, and, of course, solar illumination may be used to completely remodel backyards, porches, and decks.

The right outdoor lighting will enrich your environment and illuminate different portions to obtain the desired appearance. Because the choices for outdoor lighting accessories are unlimited, you can get desired outcomes using dimmers, outdoor sconces, color filters, and other devices. What’s more, lighting may further assist you in generating a more intimate atmosphere come nighttime or decreasing the size of a room. That being said, there are several alternatives to select from.

Privacy Screens

With spending more time outdoors comes the desire to reserve more privacy for yourself and the members of your family. To that extent, there are a variety of reasons why someone might want more privacy in their backyard. Whatever the case, people are starting to get more creative with their outdoor living spaces. For instance, the investment in aesthetically pleasing privacy screens has become a favored landscaping trend within the last couple years. Considering that privacy screens are no longer just physical screens on a chain-link fence. Growing hedges is a low-maintenance solution for producing a natural privacy screen. However, there are also more sophisticated privacy screens that may be put up around areas where seclusion is desired. These can often roll up and down, and some of the more expensive models feature electric motors that handle all of the work. Whatever your desire for privacy may be, privacy screens present a classy new alternative outdoor solution for you to utilize within your outdoor living space.

6. Outdoor Kitchens

Last, in the latest landscaping trends for 2022, is outdoor kitchens. As people spend more time outside, they have a greater need for their outdoor area to be more functional and complete. That being said, it’s no wonder that full-on outdoor kitchens are rising in popularity. Bringing the heart of the home outside with an outdoor kitchen beneath a covered patio can cater to both summer barbecues and warm fireside feasts. This creates an outdoor area that can accommodate everything from drinks to dinner parties and so much more.

backyard landscaping design pool deck

Moreover, outdoor kitchens provide a comfortable spot for a gathering or simply enjoying the outdoors with your family. Although these outdoor areas require considerable planning, they are well worth the time and effort it takes to have them installed on your property. What is more, specialization in this category is currently popular since it provides homeowners with exactly what they desire. To this extent, pizza ovens and smokers are also becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners. Considering that, you can combine them with traditional grill options to further expand the possibilities of your outdoor living space.

The Future of Landscaping: Bring the Indoors Out!

If you’re looking to truly transform your outdoor living space this spring, hop on board the booming trend of bringing indoor-feeling spaces outdoors. As landscapers and gardeners come together to create new and innovative ways for you to connect nature with patios and outdoor spaces, so that you can enjoy all the benefits that being outdoors has to offer this spring.

M.E. Contracting has spent over fifteen years implementing this concept of innovation and building diverse exterior house compositions, specializing in custom landscape design. What is more, M.E. Contracting stands out among Toronto landscapers for our commitment to excellence and attention to even the smallest details, from decking to interlocking and pool construction to establishing a sports court. For help with the implementation of any of these top 6 landscaping trends for 2022, contact the trained professionals at M.E. Contracting today.

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