Gaming Skins And Potential ICO Projects To Make Trading Easier

We all like to play games. And now there truly is an astounding variety of games available for every taste. First person shooters, MOBA games, command shooters. Besides the fun which people have playing games, emotional workouts and in general a cool way to spend time, many people are exciting to get hold of new “skins” for their game characters.

The most popular games with custom skins are online shooter Counterstrike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and MOBA game DOTA 2 which (like League of Legends) arose from one of the maps developed for Warcraft III. Actually, if you have skins from these games you can sell those on sites like with considerable chance to make a little money.

What Are Skins?

Skins is a visual component which doesn’t influence the game process in any way. However, it makes the player’s character look different so it allows to make game process more interactive and also adds the system of achievements that motivates player to look for additional sets and spend more time playing. In other words it is suits, just a visual component.

Video Gaming Skins DOTA

Players appreciate skins very much and try to equip their hero or characters with the most rare ones. There are many ways to receive skins. Most often they drop out after games. For example in the popular games Dota 2 and CS:GO. Also everyone can buy them in the integrated game shop. Those can also be bought as cases with the random content, for example, in the game Counter-Strike:GO. The price of different skins varies very much. They can cost from several cents to several hundreds, and even couple of thousands of dollars.

How Can Skins Be Used Outside the Game?

However, the most impatient players can buy game skins privately or in special shops. Although such trade isn’t fully welcomed by developers, it is rather popular now. Sometimes players not only sell skins to each other, but also use them as bets on cyber sports events or on the other gaming platforms. Most often each player who will decide to use the skin on such a platform receives tokens of this platform.

When he gets the tokens he makes the bets. However, that is not really convenient as there are different tokens for different platforms, different estimation policies to the skins and many other things that are different for platforms and do not allow to make the process as comfortable and user-friendly a possible.

Video Gaming Skins DOTA

Why Should There Be an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for Skin Betting?

Due to the fact that tokens are not interconnected with each other at all, there is no real chance to provide the best services when it comes to skin betting. Creation of the unified token which could be used anywhere and enables for extension would be the solution of this problem. In a word, it would mean a creation of a uniform environment of game skins and ways of interaction using them.

So the company that would start a successful ICO for the skin betting with such functions will be in high demand among both players and skin traders.

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