What You Must Do To Get A Job Without Work Experience


Looking for a job is one of the most stressful processes that we have to do when we finish studying, but it is not always easy to find opportunities if you do not have the experience. In this article, I tell you how you can get your first job.

Before starting it is important that you know that the first job does not have to be the job of your dreams. Actually, it almost never is. Professions are always in constant evolution, and you will most likely get tired of doing the same thing after a while, especially if you are a millennial.

The tips below are nothing more than strategies that can help you land your first job faster. If you put them into practice, it will seem that you already have experience, or rather, it will show that you have potential.

Opt For Internships

It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many recent graduates are unwilling to do internships because they think it’s just student work. The truth is that internships are very valuable. Companies appreciate professionals who are willing to learn and take on responsibilities that “seem to be below” their credentials.

Seek To Be Independent

I can’t stop blogging, although I know I’ve abandoned it a bit and it’s partly due to the big change that moving to another continent has represented. But I’m back here to tell you about my experience and all the new things about productivity, education, and work that I’ve found just by interacting with my new classmates.

Now, being independent in your field is the most authentic way to build a portfolio. If your degree allows you to work as an outsourcer, I recommend that you do it as a side hustle. Your employer will appreciate knowing that you can perform administrative tasks and that you can follow parameters. Of course, if it’s a personal project, you’ll find that you have passion and determination.

Learn To Network

Networking is the term used to refer to the relationships that entrepreneurs and workers develop within their field. For this, I recommend that you attend seminars, conferences, and professional fairs with a good amount of business cards and the disposition to have valuable contacts. This will increase the chances of getting a job or being considered for temporary projects, which is tremendously positive too.

Apply To Training Courses

The training courses serve to update your knowledge in this fast-changing world and to acquire practical skills that are not always learned at university. Websites like Future Learn and specialized institutions in your area surely offer courses that can make your resume more attractive to your future employer.

Getting the first job is difficult because you don’t have experience in the field, but if you train yourself in a still unexplored subject of expertise, the chances of being hired are higher. For example, if you are really good at writing essays at college, then it would be easier for you to apply as an essay writer.


Find A Mentor

Having a mentor in the field is not only a great way to network but also a way to ground yourself when you’re looking for your first job. Whether it’s a teacher, an acquaintance, or someone you greatly admire from a distance, show them that you’re willing to learn new things and enter the world of work.

Chances are you’ll get the boost you need. Approach them with the best attitude! You will appreciate any advice they can give you.

Work On Your Online Presence

Your online presence is monitored by potential employers when you submit your resume, and in many cases is a topic of conversation that comes up during the interview. What you post on the internet says a lot about your personal and professional integrity. For example, Wix or WordPress are great platforms to create a résumé profile page that breaks the LinkedIn scheme we all know.

Don’t forget to pay attention to what you post on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. How much of your personal life do you want your potential boss to know? What content might be considered offensive or unprofessional? Asking yourself these questions might motivate you to debug your networks asap.


As you may have noticed, getting your first job is easier than you think. You just have to have a willingness to do new things and a good attitude to what you are doing.

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