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Six Tips To Get The Best Airport Parking Deal In Toronto

If you’re going to fly from one of Toronto’s two airports, and you’re planning on driving to the airport, the parking fees can become unexpectedly expensive if you don’t know how to get a good deal.

So, before you head off on your trip, check out the following six helpful tips.

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Compare prices 

If you’re simply after the least expensive airport parking in Toronto, your first step should be to compare different parking facilities in the area. You can do that online.

Look at the prices for parking at Toronto Pearson International Airport or Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and compare them with the prices for offsite airport parking.

Bear in mind, costs can change depending on factors like season and demand. So, make sure you look at the costs of different parking options for the exact day you need to leave your car.

Go with an offsite parking facility

It’s often best to go with an offsite facility for cheap Toronto airport parking. Generally, you’ll find more affordable prices. Offsite parking is not limited to private parking lots. Various hotels in the Toronto area provide off site parking too.

Book in advance 

Whether you decide to park at the airport you’re flying from or at an offsite parking facility, you can get the best deal by booking in advance. That’s because prices can change at different times, and generally, you can find cheaper options the earlier you book; especially with offsite airport parking.

On the other hand, if you don’t book a parking space in advance, it can be costly to park at the last minute. It can also mean you spend ages looking for a parking space, which can result in you missing your flight.

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Consider the services you want

Getting the best deal isn’t only about paying the lowest cost. You also need to know what you’re paying for. It can sometimes be worth paying a little more if you get more in return.

For instance, the best offsite airport parking facilities provide vehicle monitoring services to protect your vehicle from damage or theft. They also often offer the option to park indoors, to protect your vehicle further.

Other services are part of the price. At offsite parking lots, shuttle services to airport terminals are usually free.

You may wish to look for an airport parking facility that provides a valet service too. That can come in handy if you’re rushing to get to your flight.

Consider other parking options

Usually, offsite parking that specifically caters to the needs of travelers is the best option because the facilities provide services like shuttles to terminals and additional security to ensure your vehicle remains safe while you’re away.

But if you’re solely interested in finding the cheapest parking option, you could try broadening your field of parking options. For instance, parking at a nearby train station could work out as more affordable.

Consider how long you will be away

You may be able to get a better parking deal with any of the Toronto airport parking options by leaving your car for a longer period. For example, you could get a better deal for parking your car in a facility for one month rather than two weeks.

If your travel options are flexible, you could potentially save money by parking your car for a longer period of time. So, if it’s cheaper to park for one month and you’re already planning to be away for three weeks, it could make financial sense to extend your trip by a week.

Look at the parking costs for extended stays alongside your other travel costs and options to find the best airport parking deal for you.

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