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Get Meg “MayBaby” DeAngelis’ Faze Magazine Cover Look

Meg DeAngelis
wanted a cover girl that was fun, easy-going, playful and up-for-anything…so who better than YouTube sensation Meg “MayBaby” DeAngelis?! If you’ve seen any of her lifestyle vids, you’ll know she’s exactly all that and more! The Faze crew is based out of Toronto, Canada, so when we found out that we’d be heading to sunny Los Angeles to meet Meg for the shoot, we knew this was going to be an ahmaazing cover!

Well let’s get right to it, here’s how to get Meg’s cover look…

First you make sure you fill up on snacks. Notice those candies at the back, behind the fruits and veggies, they’re key since Meg has a sweet tooth!


Next, make sure the essentials are ready to go. For Meg’s look we used Tarte Cosmetics, Make Up For Ever, MAC, Japonesque, Olay Complete with SPF 30 (since we planned on taking some shots outdoors and you should always be sun safe!) and Herbal Essences Hair Care.

Of course you need wardrobe, shoes and accessories. Thanks to super-stylist Alissia Marciano we had racks of clothes, lots of shoes and endless accessories… because dressing up is fun!


And then it’s time to make the magic happen. Nails, lips, hair and brows. Makeup pro Amy Hanlin creates a fresh face that’s cover-worthy! Notice Meg smiles through the whole ordeal! <3
Meg DeAngelis nailsMeg DeAngelis lips
Meg DeAngelis faceMeg DeAngelis hair
Meg DeAngelis hairMeg DeAngelis brows

Cameras are ready to go…Richard Sibbald strikes a pose and Faze assistant, interviewer and YouTuber, Deanna Foster gets her backup camera ready just in case…always have a backup plan when shooting a cover! Luckily Rich did an amazing job and we didn’t need Dees photos (but thanks Dee!).
cameraRichard Sibbald

And finally, Meg gets down to business…sort of. Meg clearly loves her hair as much as we do! 🙂
Meg DeAngelis hairMeg DeAngelis hair

Meg DeAngelis hairMeg DeAngelis

Yup. And that’s a wrap! Meg’s cover look…
Meg DeAngelis Faze Cover

Many thanks to Meg “MayBaby” DeAngelis for making this such a fun getaway, to her team in New York and L.A. (Monica, Colette and Lucia!) and to the amazing behind-the-scenes crew that made this shoot come together (Richard Sibbald, Alissia Marciano, Amy Hanlin, Noreen Lange and Deanna Foster, we couldn’t have done it without them!).

And a very special thanks to our beauty partners Herbal Essences and Olay!

Herbal Essences LogoOlay logo

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