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Dylan Dauzat is someone you are going to want to look out for in 2015! With his catchy music style, relatable lyrics and lovable online personality, Dylan is taking over the internet. Only about 6 months ago Dylan met with a producer in LA to discuss music. Shortly after, Dylan has created his debut single “Kickin’ It”. The single quickly climbed the iTunes charts reaching a spot in the top 10 within only 24 hours! “It made me feel very good about myself, so I wanted to keep releasing more music and I wanted to start making more music with more of a substance behind it,” Dylan says

Dylan Dauzat

After the incredible reaction to his debut single, Dylan released two more, “Mine Tonight” and “You Got That|”. Dylan has a personal connection with these songs because they were written from his personal experiences. “My friends and I went to a house party and some beautiful girls, I wanted one of them to be mine that night. It’s cliché but I wrote the song about her,” Dylan shares with Faze. “The other single,You Got That, I’ was on a vacation about two years ago. There was a very beautiful girl, she had so many beautiful features about her, so it’s basically that single is everything beautiful about her.”

Dylan recently released an EP titled Magnetic which perfectly showcases Dylan’s sound and style in music. “It has a hip hop vibe with pop,” Dylan shares. “With those together, it makes good music.” Not only are the songs super fun and catchy, Dylan worked hard to write lyrics that he and his fans could connect with. “Everything was about what I felt or what I was going through,” he says.

Magnetic Cover Art

Despite Dylan’s busy music career, he also finds the time to reach out to youth about bullying by teaming up with to use his online presence and popularity to help others. “When you have so much power on the internet, you should always put it to good use so I wanted to try to find some sort of way I could bring a good message to other people and let them know what they could do.” The site allows people to share their experience with bullying in order to inspire and connect with others who are experiencing it as well.

This issue is very close to Dylan’s heart because he’s been in the persecuted shoes’ before.  “I was bullied most of my life growing up and I’m capable of relating to it the best way so I can help others with it because I have personal experience,” Dylan shares. So if you are getting bullied, Dylan has some advice for you: “Be yourself and don’t listen to others.”

With so much going on in his life right now, Dylan has a few more plans up his sleeve. “I have some more music coming out soon within the next few months,” Dylan says. ” I also have some more merchandise coming out.” If you’re an international fan and are worried about missing out on your share of Dylan Dauzat, do not worry! “I also a secret project, an international secret project, and that’s the most I can say.” Dylan says. So much to look forward too!

Dylan’s Favourites

Food: Bread pudding

TV show: Gold Rush Alaska

Place to travel to: Anywhere in the world

Musician: Jason Derlo’s music style and J Cole’s lyrical passion

Movie: Interstellar

Drink: Dr Pepper

Restaurant: TGI Fridays

Animal: Dog

Smell: Anything that smells like food

Check out Dylan’s music video for “Mine Tonight”!

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