On The Rise: Getting To Know Songbird And Faze Ambassador Mikeila Grace

Mikeila’s passion and talent have set her on a path to success, with an international record deal and the honour of being named brand ambassador for Faze Magazine. But what really sets Mikeila apart from other young talent is her selflessness, positive outlook, and devotion to her family.
Mikeila Grace
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From a young age, Mikeila knew that singing wasn’t just a hobby—it was a way of life. Singing was like breathing to her, music was the world she grew and thrived in, and every family event was an opportunity for her to perform and express herself. Mikeila grew up in a family of five, the eldest of three children. In her Italian-Filipino household, there was always music playing and a karaoke machine nearby. Whereas other little girls played with their dolls, Mikeila took to the microphone—honing her skills, perfecting her performances, and singing to her heart’s content. Taking guitar and singing lessons, participating in the school choir and talent shows, and performing in local community music productions—these were the highlights Mikeila looked forward to. And throughout, her family has been there to support her. For Mikeila, family has always been more than just blood ties—her family are her best friends and her team.

Mikeila Grace
Photo on left: from left; Mom Leilanie, brother Noah, dad Michael, sister Tatiana and Mikeila. Photo on right: Mikeila with her dad.

While Mikeila’s childhood was a happy one, it was not without its challenges. Her father Michael Marianetti has been battling multiple sclerosis (MS) since Mikeila was a toddler, and her mother Leilanie supports the family. Growing up in a single-income family has been a struggle, but through the sacrifices—and there have been many—Mikeila has always been grateful.

Her father’s MS has never been a disability or a setback in her eyes, but just another difference that makes him unique, a difference that has helped bring the family closer. “I never saw my dad as anything other than who he is,” she says. “He’s my dad. He was never someone who couldn’t walk, or needed assistance, he was never that to me. Overall, I think I just see people as who they are and I think that that’s how it should be.”

Mikeila Grace
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Mikeila’s kindness and positive outlook struck a chord with Faze Magazine founder Lorraine Zander, whose mission is to empower young women globally. During Mikeila’s interview with Faze, she was asked what she would do if she had a million dollars. “My dream,” she says, “would be to improve my house for my family and make it more wheelchair accessible for my father.” When asked what she would do with the remaining money, she said she would, “give back to the community and those less fortunate by helping and supporting missionary work in the Philippines,” her family’s homeland. Pressed for a third time, she said shyly, “I want to help other aspiring artists pursue their dreams, because the opportunities I have experienced have meant the world to me.” Lorraine took notice that Mikeila never mentioned anything she wanted for herself.

Between Mikeila’s incredible talent and her humble, kind, and resilient spirit, it’s no surprise that she was scooped up by entertainment and media company AMG for an international record deal. “Besides her talent,” stated AMG, “it was her kindness and generosity that stood out. It was impossible to ignore the amazing story of her humble roots and her devotion to her family.”

Mikeila is excitedly looking forward to starting her career and helping others along the way, and she is truly grateful for this opportunity to turn her passion into a career. She hopes that one day the name Mikeila Grace will be a beacon to other aspiring artists pursuing their dreams.

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Need to know more about Mikeila?! RAPID FIRE TIME!
My animal spirit is a…tiger
My celebrity crush is…Justin Bieber
I am most grateful for…my family
I will never wear…yellow
I’m deathly afraid of…spiders
My secret talent is…I’m double jointed in my hip
The strangest thing I’ve ever eaten is…frog legs
When I dance I look like…Britney Spears
I could eat…everything for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
Last song I listened to was…“Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur
I couldn’t live without my…phone


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