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4 Gift Ideas For Someone Who’s Always In The Bathroom

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If you live with someone who spends countless hours in the bathroom each day, then you’ll already be aware of how difficult it is to get them out of there! Sure, glowing skin takes a bit of work to achieve, but does it really take that long? Banging on the door every morning so you can use the bathroom is pretty annoying, although bathroom people do have one big advantage: giving a gift is easy because you know exactly what they will like!

There are so many awesome bathroom-related products out there, so no matter whether you’re buying for a birthday, Christmas, or any other reason, take a look at these great gift ideas for the person who seemingly never leaves the bathroom!

Waterproof notepad

They say that a bath or shower is one of the best places to formulate new ideas and find a solution to pressing issues. Our minds are usually at ease and away from distractions, so it’s no surprise that interesting and creative thoughts pop up all the time! The only problem is that this perhaps million-dollar idea might have gone by the time you get out of the shower and find somewhere to jot it down. The solution? A waterproof notepad you can use to write down those amazing thoughts in the shower so you never lose those awesome ideas.

waterproof notepad

Luxurious hand soap

We all know by now about the importance of washing hands with soap for around 15-20 seconds, but you might as well wash your hands with quality soap instead of the cheap stuff. You’ll want to give someone hand soap that has both antibacterial and moisturizing properties. This basically means you get all the nasty bacteria off but the hands come out soft and nourished. Try finding something from Dial for a lovely hand soap gift that maybe you could also use from time to time.

luxury hand soap - dial soap

Wooden bathtub tray

For the person who loves a good bath, then you can’t go wrong with a sturdy, well-designed wooden bathtub tray. There are some beautiful handmade options on Etsy that have enough space for candles, tablet or phone, and of course the all-important glass of red wine. This might mean that bathroom time could be extended even longer now, but if you’ve made peace with that notion then the bathtub tray would be a welcome gift for bath lovers of all ages. A bathtub pillow that can be affixed to the end is also a nice gift idea so they have somewhere soft to rest their head.


Bath bombs

Along with some nice aromatherapy candles or even a useful oil diffuser, a great way to really spoil whoever you’re buying for is a good old bath bomb. Not just a lot of fun to look at, bath bombs contain all sorts of fantastic ingredients helpful for the skin and the senses. In short, a good bath becomes a great bath when you drop a bomb. Check out this list of the best bath bombs and find one with a shape and scent that you think is appropriate.

bath bomb

We hope at least one of those ideas is suitable when you’ve got to buy a gift!

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