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6 Gifts For A Baby Shower Party

baby shower party

Before any baby’s arrival, the women of the family throw an exciting party to celebrate the new member of the family. Games are played, food is eaten, and presents are opened for all to see.

It seems like babies need more than the average human even though they are so small! The huge toys and furniture take up more space than anything else in the house.

When deciding just what to get the new baby, there are many things to consider to make sure it is perfect. Nothing too big to save space, but something that will mean a lot or make Mom’s new life a little easier.

Buying straight from the registry is smart, but throwing in a little extra something special will make opening gifts so much more surprising.

Any of these six gift ideas will make a sweet addition to the arrival of the brand new family member.

#1 Board Books for Baby

While babies cannot read, parents can easily read to them. They also love to look at books as they grow to learn new things.

Paperback books cause paper cuts on baby’s sensitive skin, but board books are a safe alternative that conveys the same stories. Build up a baby’s first library with fun books that support learning.

Board books are suitable for all ages, making them the perfect reading material as the baby advances into toddlerhood.

Vibrant illustrations make them perfectly eye-catching for a child to read along as their parents read aloud.

A set of board books might not have made the registry, but every parent needs them for their baby.

#2 Custom Star Map

The day a baby is born is beyond special. So many photographs of the baby can capture the important day, but there has to be a more unique way to capture the memory.

Save the date of the baby’s birth forever with a custom star map from Twinkle in Time. Input the baby’s birthday and the hospital they were born into their database to create an image of the night sky!

This is a special way to always remember the day of the baby’s birth. If the shower is before the baby’s birth, you can simply create a star map of the parents’ anniversary or the day that they met.

Any of these options will create a sentimental gift that will lead to everlasting memories.

#3 Bath Time Accessories

Bath time is so exciting as the baby grows! Even though they might not love it when they are still very young, it becomes so much more exciting when they learn to splash around and have some fun.

Give some bath toys that come alongside an elbow rest for the edge of the tub that will keep mom or dad comfortable. The elbow rest will be perfect even while the baby is still small, and the toys will come in handy when they grow a little older!

Moms and Dads might not know just how essential this piece of bathtime equipment is. It does not take up much space at all and can make bathtime much more enjoyable for parents and children.

It even comes with useful organization pockets to store body wash and shampoo along with the super cute toys. The baby won’t dread bathtime with this simple tool that can make it much more fun.

#4 Interactive toys

Babies always mean toys, toys, and more toys! Some may be big and some small, but they are all an important part of a baby’s growth and development.

Keeping a baby’s attention for a while is difficult to do without something eye-catching and exciting. A musical toy that crawls around lights up and plays familiar tunes are sure to keep them busy for hours on end.

Moms and Dads will love listening to their baby giggle at a toy they can interact with. They can listen to its music and watch it glow when they are small, then chase it around when they begin to walk and run.

A toy like this is fun for children as they grow, making it useful for years beyond the baby’s birth. It might be hard to think about when the baby gets bigger, but Mom will appreciate how the gift keeps giving when the time comes.

#5 Supplements that Support Well-Being for Mom

Having a baby can be taxing on the mother’s body as well as her mental state. There are many suggestions for ways to combat the side effects that the post-pregnancy body endures, but every person is different.

Give the mother something she can use for herself rather than only for her baby. She would appreciate the gesture of supplements that are made to make her feel more like herself again.

Gift Wits recommends multiple CBD-based products to make new moms feel more comfortable post-baby. CBD can reduce some of the anxieties that new babies often cause and help the new mom get better sleep.

CBD is still being researched, but it seems like a safe method for supporting a healthy body. Consider how much a tired, stressed-out new mom would enjoy something that could help her wind down after hours spent soothing a crying baby.

#6 Security Blanket for Baby

No matter what time of year the baby is born, they always need to be swaddled and snuggled to keep them warm.

Blankets are a new-mom essential, and having multiple on hand is crazy important. Baby’s bathroom needs and after-feeding tummy upset can be quite unpredictable!

Having a sweet, snuggly blanket with a cute character attached is an awesome security toy for the baby. The baby can grow up with it knowing that it is their comforting toy.

Every child tends to have a toy or stuffed animal that they latch onto. This blanket and plush toy combination would make the perfect item to keep them snuggled up and happy.

baby shower party

It is time to think outside of the gift registry for baby showers to give a new mom everything she might need, even if she doesn’t know she needs it. Treat her and her new baby to the best items to make the happiest family.

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