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7 Great Items To Keep On Hand For Crafting Purposes

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Are you a crafter? There are a lot of people out there who consider crafting to be a really important hobby that they enjoy regularly. As a crafter, it’s likely that you have a lot of different tools on hand for those moments of inspiration.

There are some essentials that you want to keep on hand, however. Curious about what crafters like to keep in their crafting storage without fail? Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular items that you want to consider keeping on hand for when the crafting bug bites you.

1) Buttons and Snaps

Buttons and snaps are great for any craft project you’re dealing with – and not just clothing. Buttons and snaps can be utilized on, basically, any sort of cloth project you’re working with. Making a stuffed animal? You can put buttons on it to add character or for the stuffing area. Repairing clothes? Buttons make that process easy, too.

2) Flour Sack Towels

Flour sack towels are durable items that can be made into almost anything you can imagine. If you like to sew, it’s really simple to just go ahead and use them in your craft. You can try these red flour sack towels ($27.99/set) as patches or just to add a bit of color into any project that you’re putting together.

Plus, you can also use them for cleaning up your space. Every good crafter makes a mess during craft time, and having high quality towels for cleaning can help. They clean well and you can just throw them in the washer and they’ll be as good as new.

flour sack towels

3) Hot Glue Gun

If you don’t have a glue gun, are you really into crafting? We mean that as a joke, but it really is a big deal to have a glue gun around if you’re going to be making crafts on a regular basis.

Hot glue guns (and, of course, the glue sticks you put inside of them) are absolutely essential for any crafting hobbyist. They work on virtually any surface, making them one of the most versatile objects that you can have in your crafting space.

4) Decorative Paper

Many hobbyists do some sort of papercraft, so you always want to have some type of decorative paper on hand. Whether you’re making greeting cards or scrapbook pages, there are always uses for the different types of paper you can get.

Scrapbook paper is some of the most versatile decorative paper, but there are other types you can explore as well. Just be sure that you put together an organizational system that works for you and what it is that you’re doing with your paper.

5) Trimmings

Whether you’re crafting yourself or having fun crafting with kids, you’ll be surprised at just how many types of trimmings that there are and that you may want to keep on hand. They add a little flair to your pieces and can be fun to work with.

What are trimmings? They can include feathers, googly eyes, doilies, twigs, fake fur, pompoms, pipe cleaners, felt, shells, and whatever else you can get your hands on. Put together a system for organizing your trimmers and be ready for any sort of crafting adventure that you may want to go on.

6) Spray Sealer

Woodworking in craft-making can be a really cool addition– until you find that your wood starts to splinter or lose its luster after a bit of time passes. Spray sealant prevents this from becoming a big issue, because it helps to keep things together with as few issues as possible.

7) Crafting Paint and Foam Brushes

Crafting paint and foam brushes are always great to have around. Crafting paint is durable and, while washable from certain surfaces, it stays on others fairly well. The colors are vibrant and give your crafts a lot of character.

Foam brushes often give you some depth of appearance and they are really easy to use when you’re just quickly putting a coat of paint on something. On top of that, foam brushes are really easy to clean when you’re done using them.

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Seek out your options and see what you can learn about the process. Many times, you’ll be really excited to see just how many crafting staples are available and how you can use them in your day to day hobby. In the long run, you’ll be prepared for anything that your hobby and creative mind has to throw at you.

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