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Great Looks For Back-to-School

Photographer: James White | Make-up Artist: Anne Harding | Stylist: Jayne Rae
Student Models Ashley Ebner, Steve Gastis, Kinga Kalman, Kat Lee and Nikolina Miljevic
Special thanks to York Mills Collegiate Institute in Toronto

Out in the school yard

back-to-school looks - Vespa

From left:
Nikolina is wearing:
Over the Edge, Paul Frank Tee, $29.95
H & M, Cord Flared Skirt, $19.90
Over the Edge, Triple 5 Soul, Fleece Zip-Up Jacket, $109.95
Skechers, Blizzard Boots, $95.00
Kinga is wearing:
Bluenotes, Oh Canada Tee, $26.50
Over the Edge, Tension Jeans, $129.95
H & M, Cord Blazer, $49.90
Over the Edge, Nylon Belt, $9.95
Skechers, Blizzard Snowflake Boots, $90.00
Ashley can easily get where she needs to go on a super-sporty Vespa!
She is wearing:
Bluenotes, National Velvet Unicorn Top, $29.50
Over the Edge, Parasuco Jeans, $109.95
Skechers, Loves Frolic Hot Pink Sneakers, $70.00
Steve is wearing:
Over the Edge, Triple 5 Soul, Tee, $34.95
H & M, Plaid Pants, $54.90
H & M, Striped Scarf, $14.90
Billabong Hoodie, $90.00
Blundstones, Chunk Sole Boots, $180.00

back-to-school looks

In the library

back-to-school looks - Library

From left:
Ashley is wearing:
Bluenotes, Plaid Snap Button Shirt, $34.50.
Bluenotes, Nina Button Fly Flare Jeans, $54.50.
Claires, Feather Earrings, $6.99.
Blundstones, Canada Eh? Boots, $180.00.
Steve is wearing:
Bluenotes, Tee, $19.50.
Over the Edge, Mavi Matt Jeans, $99.95.
Skechers, Navigators Shoes, $100.00.
Kat is wearing:
H & M, Blouse, $29.90.
H & M, Sweater Vest, $19.90.
Over the Edge, Guido & Mary Jeans, $149.95.
Skechers, Loves Lovestory Sneakers, $70.00.

back-to-school looks - Library

Getting creative in the art room

back-to-school looks Art Room

From left:
Kat is wearing:
Over the Edge, Emily Tee, $34.95
Bluenotes, Argyle Sweater, $34.50
H & M, mini, $39.90
H & M, Cap, $9.90
Skechers, Loves Devotion Sneakers, $70.00
Kinga is wearing:
H & M, Argyle Sweater, $29.90
Bluenotes, Plaid Kilt, $39.50
Claires, Earrings, $9.99
Skechers, Blizzards Snowflake
Boots, $90.00
Steve is wearing:
Billabong, Long Sleeved Tee, $39.99
Billabong, Plaid Short Sleeved
Woven Shirt, $64.99
Over the Edge, Mavi Matt Jeans, $99.95
Blundstones, Chunk Sole Boots, $180.00
Nikolina is wearing:
H & M, Blouse with flower pin, $24.90
Over the Edge, Mavi Elisa Cords, $89.95
Skechers, Blizzards Snowflake Boots, $90.00

back-to-school looks Art Room

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