Great Places To Travel To In 2021 And Their Safety Measures

There’s a reasonable probability that you must have spent a large chunk of 2020 indoors, and most likely inside your own home. You might have been bitten by the travel bug many times during the year, but felt helpless at your inability to pack your bags and leave. International travel turned risky and even travelling inside your own country, and staying at strange places did not seem safe.

The tourism industry has been opening up in several places, and strict regulations have been enforced to ensure a safe visit. So maybe once you are done taking down the Christmas decorations you could plan a fun little vacation at a place you haven’t seen before.


Great places The Maldives tropical vacation

This island country in South Asia is world-renown for its bungalow resorts, brilliant blue seas and beaches that you might have seen in your dreams. You will have a wonderful time exploring each of the islands in the island chain or just lounging on a veranda overlooking the sea. The Maldives also contain historic mosques and palaces if you would like to enjoy some magnificent structures. The wildlife in the Maldives is also abundant with strange but gorgeous creatures.

The months between November and April would be ideal for a Maldives visit since they have their monsoon season between May and October.

The Maldives opened up and started welcoming tourists back in July 2020. You will have to make sure that air transport from your country of residence to the Maldives is also open. Before you go, you must have a negative PCR test for Covid-19 completed at least 96 hours before the flight.


balloons - for love

Turkey is one of those countries that seem too beautiful to be real. Many famous Hollywood movies have been shot in Turkey and even Dan Brown’s novel “Inferno” had its climax set in Istanbul.

There are numerous historical sites you can visit when in Turkey. These include the legendary Hagia Sophia which was once an ancient worship place and for the visitors today, a marvellous architectural wonder. It was built in 537 as a cathedral and back then boasted of the world’s largest interior space.

The land of Turkey meets the sea on three sides, and besides the historical structures, it also has beautiful beaches and enchanting forests. The many activities you could be engaged in Turkey include Hot air balloon rides, cruises and viewing the sea life in massive aquariums.

Only citizens from a few countries are currently restricted from entering Turkey, and you do not require a Covid-19 test result for entry.


Dubrovnik Old Town

Croatia is a small European country that has seen a massive rise in tourism in the last few years. While a part of the country is surrounded by Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia, a long stretch is lined by the Adriatic Sea. Croatia might seem like a fantasy due to its extraordinary natural and human-made structures. There are quaint streets lined by beautiful buildings and towers, medieval islands and National parks that seem straight out of a fairy tale.

Croatia becomes beautiful in different ways as the seasons change. Choose your time of visit accordingly.

All citizens belonging to non-EU countries are required to complete a PCR test and to undergo 14 days of quarantine if they do not submit a negative PCR test. These are not required for EU-residents.

Las Vegas

las vegas strip

Las Vegas is a city known all around the world due to its massive presence in pop culture. When you think of Las Vegas, luxury immediately comes to mind. Luxurious hotels, casinos and glamorous entertainment performances.

Las Vegas has almost come to be synonymous with casinos. For those who have been playing in online casinos such as, this would be a fun change of atmosphere.

Tourists began entering the city in June while the resort casinos reopened in phases after the shutdown in March. There are various safety protocols in place to ensure proper hygiene and social distancing.


Monterrey, Mexico

Mexico was one of the first countries to reopen tourism since the pandemic began. A tourist in Mexico will encounter everything from magnificent beaches to museums and Aztec and Mayan ruins. Even the geography in Mexico varies wildly from deserts to rainforests. You will also get to enjoy world-famous Mexican food items the way they were meant to be enjoyed.

Tourists from all countries can enter Mexico, and you do not require a negative PCR test. You can also start exploring as soon as you enter the country since there is no quarantine period.

In Conclusion

2021 will hopefully be a safer year for travel around the world. Though the travel experience would be considerably different when compared to the pre-pandemic times, you can still have fun and enjoy new places. You are expected to wear masks and social distance when you visit all the countries in the above list. Before you plan your next trip, take into account the country’s regulations and requirements.

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