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Great Reasons To Use A Leather Weekender Bag

Fashion is evolving. But, one thing has stayed constant. The durability and functionality of many fashion pieces. Many shoppers today are still practical shoppers. They like to splurge on pieces that they know will last them for many years to come. And, that they can also use for many varied purposes. One of these classic fashion pieces is a leather weekend or duffle bag.

This piece of fashion accessory is one of the most versatile bags that you can ever own. It’s called a weekender for a reason. If you want your duffle bag to be durable, choose one that’s made of real leather.

Here are more reasons why using a leather weekend bag is worthy of its price:

#1 It Makes A Good First Impression

This section applies to those of you who are frequent weekend travelers on short flights and trips. If you’re a professional, first impressions count. Believe it or not, you can make a good (or a wrong) first impression through your weekend bag, apart from your handbag (if you’re a female).

To make sure it’s the former, leather is your best option. It looks polished, clean, classy, and expensive. Especially when you’re traveling for a business trip, you wouldn’t want to look shabby and messed up in a grand hotel lobby, with all other businessmen or colleagues around.

Additionally, it’s not about breaking the bank to showoff an image that you’re not. It’s about putting out the image that you’re a professional, and you thought well enough about this trip for you to play the part of your job.

To start your search for some of the best leather duffle bags in the market, you can try to read more about the brand Tecovas. Because of its quality, a leather duffle bag from Tecovas is a good investment. And, on an even better upside, it’s also one of the most budget-friendly options that you can shop for. Lastly, it’s stylish too.

#2 It’s Easy To Bring Around

Many of you reading this might argue that you might as well bring a small carry on luggage. Yes, it’s a possible option. But, it’s not always that you’ll have the convenience of bringing with you a bag on wheels. If you’re traveling on cobbled stones, then you’ll surely regret that option. When you’re going on a trip that’s short enough not to need a checked-in suitcase, your weekend leather bag is the most versatile option. It’s super easy to bring around, and you can conveniently walk around with it.

Apart from traveling, you can bring your leather weekend bag with you to work, to the gym, or even to an overnight trip at your friends, parents, or significant other.

#3 It’s Roomy And Comfortable

A leather weekend bag is one of the most fuss-free bags that you’ll ever own and use in your lifetime. This is characteristic of a weekender bag: it’s roomy.

There’s little to no pockets in the middle. So, all you have is that one big zip to put your things in, and perhaps a teeny tiny pocket on the inside. Nothing else. This makes it easier for you to grab your things and go.

Packing is made more comfortable with a weekend bag. This is one of the significant differences with that of a backpack, which tends to have more structure. Hence, it becomes a little bit trickier for you to fit all of your things, without losing the shape of the bag.

With a leather weekend bag, you can put in all you need for the weekend, without losing the structure and class of the bag. Hence, it’s also easier for you to find things inside.

Leather Weekender Bag - Duffle Bag

#4 It’s Made Of Leather

Yes, this section might be one of the most obvious for you. A leather weekend bag is excellent to use because it’s made of leather. Anything that’s made of leather needs no further explanation. In fact, especially if it’s made of the best quality, then you should put no more second thoughts into selecting that bag.

A leather weekend bag not only looks good on the outside. But, it’s durable enough such that it can withstand the demands and the rigors of travel. Even if you put it on the floors of an airport or chuck it in the overhead compartment of the plane, your leather weekend bag will still look good.

As it ages in time, all the more it looks even better. Hence, you’ve got a bag that’s going to last you through years and memories to come.


With your closet full of totes, purses, and bags, how can it even be that you don’t have a weekender or a duffle bag, yet? If you don’t have one, then perhaps now is the time for you to start looking for the perfect bag.

Choosing a bag that’s leather allows you to have a classy bag. Also, it can withstand the wear and tear of the short trips that you’ll be taking your bag with you.

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