Green Tea For Weight Loss: Does It work?

green tea

People have succumbed to numerous things in the aim to lose weight. Besides doing excessive workouts, resorting to some supplements and medicaments that trigger weight loss, more and more individuals are resorting to Mother Nature. Green tea pops out as one of the most effective natural resources that can help you lose extra pounds, however, many people remain skeptical. Can drinking merely green tea during the day help you lose weight? Are the benefits equally productive? How exactly can green tea help you shed pounds? There is no need to dwell much about it, here is a detailed text that will give you an answer to all your worries and more.

It elevates your metabolic rate

Our bodies are designated to convert food and drink into reusable energy. This fantastic process is called metabolism. No matter if you are active or mobile, your body will constantly burn calories. The cells responsible for burning calories are regularly active hence they may help you burn calories even when you sleep. Sound impossible, right? It’s not that simple or fast, and of course, you won’t be losing pounds per night, but by drinking tea on the regular basis, you may enhance your metabolic rate and help your metabolism get more efficient. By drinking tea or taking green tea extract you can burn 183 calories more than not doing anything.

It can increase fat oxidation

Next to the lucrative ability to speed up your metabolism, green tea contains one more crucial ingredient that may trigger weight loss. The main ingredient of green tea is, of course, caffeine, but one antioxidant that has innumerable other health characteristics is a type of flavonoid called catechin. Those compounds are mesmerizing stimulants that researchers have shown may help burn excess fat, increase fat oxidation, and boost your exercise performance. Caffeine and catechin both help you shed fat as well as help you increase the amount of energy the body uses. Try green tea K cups for a full, relaxing taste ad maximum effect of these antioxidants.

It accelerates workout performance

As green tea raises your metabolic rate and helps you burn more calories, you cannot expect miracles. Caffeine and catechin antioxidants are a perfect combo that aids weight loss, but without proper workout routine, you won’t be able to lose weight that fast or effective. Luckily, by drinking green tea and exercising at the same time you will significantly increase fat-burning effects of workouts, thus lose weight effectively in the long run. If you were to drink green tea before exercising, you would burn 16% more fat. Plus by doing adequate workouts alongside you may even accelerate your workout performance and burn off fat more effectively and reduce body weight.

It speeds up your body

Drinking green tea before or after exercise can help you lose weight since it sends signals to your whole body enabling it to speed up your body. Theoretically, after drinking green tea you would feel full and satisfied, thus you would automatically consume fewer calories and focus ontaking in quality and nutritious foods. You only need to consume about two cups of green tea per day to get some beneficial results. The impact may not be as effective as with other diets, but a combination of a moderate and healthful diet, two to three cups of hot green tea per day, and strenuous exercise would be sufficient to supplement weight loss.

Does it really work?

In the end, it all falls down to your general wellbeing, physical strength, and the sheer fact on how your organism reacts to caffeine and catechin. On one hand, drinking green tea can undoubtedly help some people shed excess pounds, whereas, on the other hand, it may not work the same for others. All in all, it goes without saying that green tea can reduce the risk of many diseases, improve your overall health, and uplift your spirit all of which lead to a longer and healthier life. Green tea is a proven medicament that can aid with various things. In combination with an appropriate diet and effective exercising, you can surely lose weight in a healthy and manner.

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