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How to Germinate Regular Weed Seeds: Tips and Techniques

Do you have a passion for growing marijuana? If so, then learning how to germinate regular weed seeds properly can be an invaluable skill. Germination is sprouting a seed and encouraging it to begin its growth. It occurs naturally in Nature, but cannabis growers often take on this task themselves, providing their plants with the best chances of success from the start.

While the basic principles remain similar regardless of which strain you’re trying to grow, some useful tips and techniques will help ensure your efforts result in healthy, robust marijuana plants.

What Are Regular Weed Seeds?

Regular weed seeds are cannabis seeds from female and male marijuana plants. Regular weed seeds are the most common cannabis seed found on the market. They contain genetics that has not been altered in any way, and they have an equal chance of producing either male or female plants. As a result, regular weed seeds are ideal for growers looking to grow their cannabis buds for smoking, vaping, or other purposes. Regular weed seeds are usually harvested from mature, healthy plants and then stored until they’re ready to be used for growing.

What Helps Weed Seeds Germinate Faster?

Certain conditions must be met to give your weed seeds the best chance at successful germination. Firstly, ensure the environment’s temperature is between 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit (20-25 degrees Celsius). Ensure the air humidity levels stay at around 60% and your medium (soil) has enough moisture – at least 50-60%. Also, ensure that the medium has plenty of oxygen by fluffing the soil before planting.

With the right tips and techniques, you can have success in growing your seeds. Here are some of the most critical procedures for germinating.

Keep an Eye on Soil Temperature

Cannabis plants need temperatures of up to 77 degrees Fahrenheit to thrive, so a soil thermometer is an essential tool for cannabis growers. Keep an eye on the temperature of your soil and adjust accordingly if it starts getting too cold or too hot. The ideal nighttime temperature for regular weed seeds plants is about 10 degrees lower than the daytime temperature, so this should also be considered when regulating the environment around your plants. 

The ideal pH level of the soil should also be monitored, as marijuana plants prefer a slightly acidic soil level (around 7-8). For best results, use water enriched with nutrient solutions instead of plain tap water to ensure the healthy growth and development of your marijuana plants. Lastly, check the soil’s moisture levels frequently and water regularly to keep your marijuana plants hydrated and happy.

Get the Right Supplies

To start, you must ensure you have the right supplies for successful weed seed germination. Get a good quality starter mix, soil thermometer, light source (such as a grow light or even a sunny windowsill), and pots or containers for planting your seeds. These supplies will give your cannabis plants the best chance of thriving in their early stages.

Soak Your Seeds

Before you plant, it’s important to soak the seeds overnight. It helps soften the hard outer shell, so it can crack open during germination. Put them in a container filled with water and let them soak overnight. The following day, take them out of the water and allow them to dry before you plant them. While the soaking is necessary, you won’t need to leave them in the water for more than 12 hours, as this could damage the delicate embryo inside the shell and stop germination before it even starts.

Plant Your Seeds Correctly 

Once you have your supplies, it’s time to get planting. You should only plant one per pot or container so that each one gets enough space and nutrients to thrive. Place each seed no more than half an inch into the soil and ensure it is moist enough before covering it with dirt. If you’re using grow lights, it is best to keep them no closer than two inches away from your plants so that they don’t dry out the soil too quickly.

Monitor Your Plants Closely 

Once your seeds have been planted and watered correctly, it’s time to monitor your plants closely. Be sure to look out for signs of disease or pests on the leaves and stems of your plants. If these issues arise, act swiftly to address them. Be sure to pay attention to any changes in the color or size of the leaves, as these could indicate something is wrong with the health of your marijuana plants. Additionally, monitor any changes in smell and taste coming from the buds of your marijuana plants; changes here could indicate improper watering or fertilizer application. By monitoring your plants closely, you can catch any potential problems quickly and take action to address them. 

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How Long Will the Seeds Take to Sprout in Soil?

Once you’ve soaked and planted them in the soil, the next step is waiting. Depending on the weed strain, the regular autoflower seeds could take two to six weeks to sprout in the ground. During this time, it’s important to provide your cannabis seedlings with plenty of oxygen, light, moisture, and nutrients. 

Can You Put the Seeds Direct into the Soil? 

Yes, you can put your seeds directly into the soil. However, if you decide to do this, be aware that there is an increased risk of failure since it’s harder for the embryos to emerge from the shells without being pre-soaked. Furthermore, direct sowing into the soil may lead to uneven germination since some may need more water or oxygen. If you want the highest success rate when germinating, we recommend pre-soaking them in water first. Also, special seed starting kits are available on the market that can help your cannabis plants thrive during their early stages. 


Germinating regular weed seeds may seem intimidating initially, but it can be done with the right tips and techniques. Take the time to get the right supplies, prepare the seeds, plant them correctly, water them regularly, and monitor the seedlings daily. You will have success germinating your regular cannabis seeds. With patience and consistency, you can produce strong and healthy plants that will give you a harvest worthy of your effort.

Tia Moskalenko writes for AskGrowers on all matters cannabis, from the various terpenes to strains and the economic angle. She conducts interviews with known brand leaders and ambassadors who are invested in cannabis. Apart from AskGrowers, Tia’s work has been published I renowned journals and magazines.

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