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As any marketing expert worth their salt will tell you – search engine optimization is constantly evolving. So, what might be “in” one year, could become obsolete by the next year. The only way to really stay ahead of your competition is to stay up to date on all of the latest trends. This will allow you to update your plans and strategies accordingly, ensuring that you are always one step beyond everyone else. So, on this note, here is how you can manage this:

Focus on Customer Intent

Far too many companies start by thinking about how they want to market to their consumers via search engines. However, this is the wrong approach. Instead, you need to begin by considering your customers’ intent – why exactly is that your consumers want to search for your business? Keep in mind, the answer will often vary across your preferred demographic.

Only once you have been able to answer this question should you begin to work on keywords and other SEO tools. When you start at this point, you are able to pinpoint what strategies will be most effective with your target audience. As such, you will be able to narrow in on the solution while limiting how time and money you waste on non-effective tactics.

Structure Your Content

Since Google is the most revered of all search engines, it is important to be aware of all of the optimization-related updates that it has made. In particular, you should pay attention to the fact that the search engine is now awarding sites that offer up more structured content. This is especially true when it comes “how to” articles. Thus, you may want to rethink the way that the content is organized on your website. Where appropriate, create articles or informational content so that it will be more readily displayed on the first page of search engine results.

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Optimize Your Website Visuals

Quite a bit of focus tends to be on optimizing content. However, you shouldn’t forget about pictures either. Now, you are probably aware that search engines appreciate a greater number of good quality images. Nonetheless, this alone will not be able to score you that coveted top spot on the list. You have to engage in SEO image optimization as well. Thus, you should name and tag your pictures so that search engines are more aware of them. On top of this, they should be responsive as well. This way, they will load better on the mobile platform.

Improve Your Site as a Whole

It may be true that you want to direct a majority of your traffic to one part of the site more than the others. Nevertheless, you can’t afford to be lax with the rest of the site. This is because as search engines such as Google introduce a greater number of updates, they tend to rank websites on a more diverse basis. Therefore, improving the entire site ensures that you stay at the top, no matter what.

With these suggestions, you can now stay ahead of the competition. Not to mention, you can ensure that your SEO game will always be better than other companies.

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