Hamburger Toppings That’ll Change The Way You Eat

Straying from the regular condiments like ketchup, mustard, pickles and other delicious toppings that you’d get at your regular fast food burger joint, these new jaw-dropping toppings will change the history of burgers forever! Add some sizzle to that frozen patty and spice up your life! These top ten burgers will be a pool “patty” favourite, leaving your guests satisfied and wanting more. Courtesy of The Works Gourmet Burgers, we present to you 10 extraordinary burgers and the hamburger toppings that will change the way you eat.

1. Dead Ringer

A personal favourite, this baby includes delicious smoked brisket BBQ sauce, jack cheese and an onion ring for crisp.



2. Sk8er Boy

“He was a sk8er boy, she said “see ya later boi.”” This burger is definitely good enough for us. It includes creamy peanut butter, jack cheese and bacon.


3. Gotta be a KD burger

Seriously, Kraft Dinner and cheddar cheese on a burger?! Talk about a cheesy explosion.


4. Hunka Hunka

Hunka Hunka burning love on this burger, it includes peanut butter, banana slices and bacon.


5. The Full Montie

We all love eating poutine with our burgers but have you ever tried eating poutine on your burger?! This changes everything. You’ve got the best of both worlds in one bite – mind blown.


6. Crappy Tire

This tangy cheeseburger includes grilled pineapple ring, sweet and spicy sauce, and brie cheese.


7. Malibu Meltdown

It’s getting hot in here! Or maybe it’s just the flame on this Malibu Meltdown. Topped off with an onion ring, beechhouse, havarti, gouda and brie cheese.


8. Nacho Libre

Crunchy tri-coloured corn tortillas with four shredded cheeses stacked high with sour cream, salsa and green onions. This will be sure to pique your Mexican side with a big, crunchy bite.


9. Olive Oyl

This Greek inspired burger leaves off a cool summer essence. Paired with sparkling lemon water will be refreshing and calming. Its leaf spinach, tomato & garlic mélange, feta cheese and sliced kalamata olives will sure to having you saying Opa!


10. Beverly Hills Lawsuit

Breakfast and dinner are mashing together in this Beverly Hills Lawsuit. There are eggs and bacon plus leaf spinach, and havarti cheese. You can literally eat this burger at any time of the day and it’ll be acceptable!

beverley-hills-lawsuit (1)


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