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Harriet The Spy, For A New Generation

“Write what you know.”


Ever heard that one before? Well, Harriet “the spy” Welsch has–not that she’s exactly following that advice…

Now available on DVD, Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars is a remake of the classic novel from the 60’s, which was made into a feature film in 1996.

In this new twist on the story, Harriet (Jennifer Stone, Wizards of Waverly Place) is vying for the role of class blogger–a position normally held by Marion (Vanessa Morgan, The Latest Buzz), the most popular girl in the school. But in order to get such a title, Harriet has to generate more hype and interest around her blogs than Marion has, which is no easy feat for an outsider.

harriet_the_spy, Aislinn Paul, Vanessa Morgan, Kiana Madeira

So, after her father lands a job as a producer for the film Spy Teen 2, Harriet decides to write about the star of the movie, teen idol Skander Hill (Wesley Morgan, Degrassi: TNG), in order to expose him for the fake she thinks he is.

Harriet pretends to know him personally (even though the film has a closed set and she’s never even met him), spying on him, watching his every move and, well, “elaborating” on the truth a little for her blog entries. Suddenly the popular girls, who consider themselves Skanderoids, are dying to be her friend, but Harriet is about to learn that her web of little white lies might just trap the fly-on-the-wall…

Also starring Degrassi: TNG‘s Melinda Shankar and Aislinn Paul.

Faze caught up with the cast members on set to ask their advice about getting into the acting business. Here’s a sneak peak:

FZ: What would your advice be to a teen who wanted to become an actor?

WESLEY MORGAN: Never be afraid. Don’t hesitate. You have to just go out and do your thing.

harriet_the_spy, Melinda Shankar, Jennifer Stone, Alexander Conti

FZ: Concentrating so much on your acting career now, do you ever feel like you missed out on some regular teen experiences?

JENNIFER STONE: I have an attitude that I think everything happens for a reason… but yeah it is hard when you talk to your friends and they’re talking about school and prom and all that. So it’s give and take. I look at the opportunities I have been given and I don’t regret a thing.

For more on Harriet The Spy, check out the Spring 2010 issue of Faze!


Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars


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