Having Fun On Set With Talented Canadian Singer Mandia

Mandia Nantsios is back with another hit single, this time bringing more of her upbeat personality and high energy to the set of a high school graduation picture day.

on set with Mandia

Faze got to go behind-the-scenes on her “Smile” video shoot and sat down with the 16-year-old Ottawa-based artist. She let us in on her sense of style, working with a big-time producer and what it’s like to be so young in the industry.

What were you most excited for leading up to this shoot?

Mandia Nantsios: I was really excited for, first of all, getting the script for the video. It’s a really fun, simple song, so I was really excited to see what David [Mewa] was going to come up with for this video.


How much creative input do you have during the shoot?

MN: I like to put in my own ideas and I still like to keep my own personality in my videos. And choosing what I wear is a huge thing.

What’s the concept for the “Smile” music video?

MN: It’s basically graduation photo day and all the kids are coming and getting their picture taken.  And I guess it’s like having some fun on set and not just the boring picture day. It’s having some cool props in there and having fun with friends. You’ve got that strict teacher who is like “Everybody, don’t fool around. You just have fun on set. It really brings out everybody’s personality I think.

Mandia's ice cream shoes

Why did you choose this outfit for today?

MN: I’m wearing a bow ring because I have the biggest bow obsession of life. I’m wearing ice cream sundae shoes and I really like the food concept, with the ice cream and candy. I wear a lot of Betsey Johnson stuff and I love getting my nails done. I have crystals on them, rainbow, cheetah print, cupcakes and rainbow everywhere. I have my Betsey Johnson necklace, Madonna collection jacket and Madonna collection pants, so there are a lot of fun colours. I love colours.

Is this your personal style off-camera as well?

MN: Yeah, believe it or not! A lot of people say they like my style, but it’s noteven something that I dress up for every single day at school. I will go to school in heels. I love dressing up in the morning; I think it’s one of my favourite parts of the day.


What is it like working with James Fauntleroy? (He’s worked with Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Rihanna and more!)

MN: It’s a huge thing for me to be working with him and for him to be putting his name around me is really amazing. I co-wrote the last single with him and this one as well. My manager introduced me to him and we started working together. Our minds basically bonded really well. He’s a really good guy and he’s really talented so it’s amazing to be working with somebody like that.

How does it feel to be so young in the industry?

MN: It’s pretty cool actually. And nowadays there are a lot of young people performing, like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. I’m working hard at it and I think at any age you can do anything as long as you’re really committed and dedicated to what you do.


Any advice for other young aspiring musicians?

MN: Work hard. If you really like it, put your dedication and time into it because nobody can stop you.

What’s up next for you, can we expect an album?

MN: Yes, I’m working on my album, hopefully late summer. But definitely more singles soon. I’m always recording in the studio and making music.

Mandia and Christina Dun

Keep an eye out for the release of “Smile” and be sure to follow Mandia on Twitter (@mandianantsios).

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