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A Look At “Heartland: Season 3”

“Home is where the heart is…”


Now in it’s fourth season on CBC, Heartland was taken hold of the hearts of Canadians and even the world over. The family drama follows Amy and Lou Fleming, and their grandfather Jack, as they run a horse ranch out in the Alberta Rocky Mountains.

With the recent passing of their mother and the steady absence of their father, the sisters started out in Season One a little shakey. Enter complicated family relationships, bad boy love interests, the lure of city life–not to mention the tension of working with animals large enough to run you over–and you’ve got more than enough drama to last at least four seasons. Hopefully more!

This wildly successful show is, on the whole, about being Canadian. No, we don’t all live on horse farms, or even out in the country. We are as diverse as the landscape of our country, but together we strive to face all hardships with the pride, integrity and unity of a not-so-perfect family.

Heartland is unlike any other show on TV–just like Canada is unique in the world! You have to see it to believe it.

Season Three, now available on DVD, features all 18 episodes, as well as bonus features like:

1. Commentary on the evolution of the show, from its original season

2. Interviews with the cast about the characters on the show

3. Behind the scenes elements on music, fans, character relationships, locations and more

Heartland Season 3


1. Memorable moments of filming from the cast and crew–you really get a sense of how much hard work goes in to just one scene or episode, that may only take minutes to watch!

2. The clothes of Heartland–I always enjoy seeing wardrobe segments about how the show’s stylist will put together the character’s outfits and all the factors they have to think about on camera

3. Learning that 95% of the music on the show is from indie bands from Canada!

Here’s the run down:

Action: Definitely. If you like animal (and people) dramas like Secretariat, Black Beauty or Hidalgo, you’ll love this show.

Romance: Affirmative. The relationship between Amy and Ty (the bad boy ranch hand) has all the makings of an epic first love.

Awe Moments: Filmed against the backdrop of Alberta Rocky Mountain, it’s hard not to have your breath stolen by their unbelievable set.

Heartland Season 3 is now available on DVD. Check it out!


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