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13 Heat Struggles That Every Girl Has To Deal With

Ah, summer time. We, as Canadians, really have to indulge in this beautiful summer weather because it’s not here for a very long time. It’s almost unfair to complain about the heat because of its short lived beauty. Unfortunately, soaking up the sun and sipping iced-drinks on the beach also comes with numerous struggles that only we girls struggle with – we feel your pain.

Faze breaks down the top 13 painstaking struggles a girl faces during the beautiful summer time and the solutions to overcome them so that we can enjoy this fabulous summer.

Your face melts!

Every girl loves makeup, but the scorching heat and Canada’s depleting ozone layer causes even the most long-lasting, waterproof makeup to run. Your mascara and eyeliner give you that unwanted bruised eyes effect and your foundation makes you look oilier than ever!

Solution: Light makeup is the key. Go for some simpler eye makeup that doesn’t require too much product. And for your foundation, blotting paper is your new best friend.


Under boob sweat

It stains your bra and shirt, not to mention the chafing and the smell – ew!

Solution: Wear loose, flowy clothing and allow your body to breathe.

Neck sweat

Speaking of sweat, our long hair collects even more heat resulting in the back of your neck dripping like a waterfall.

Solution: Up-do’s are your saviour plus they look cute! Throw your hair up in a ponytail, messy bun or even a braid. There are a million ways of going about this! Plus your neck gets some fresh air. Check out this awesome tutorial for a super chic, beachy up do.

Sun tan or burned skin?

One of the perks of summer is tanning. Despite how dangerous it could be, we can’t help but want to get that summer glow. But sometimes things go colossally wrong and you’re left with stinging skin and constantly swerving any incoming hugs to avoid the pain.

Solution: Always apply sunscreen with an SPF that’s going to protect your skin. This may mean that you won’t get as dark as you hoped for, but pale skin is better that getting skin cancer. And if you still want that summer glow, apply tinted moisturizer on top of your sunscreen.

Shaving, shaving and more shaving

It’s hot so tank tops and shorts are a must. During the winter, shaving is not a priority. Our legs, arms and pits are left to bloom and no one would find out because they were always covered. Summertime causes you to prioritize shaving EVERYWHERE which is so time consuming and downright annoying.

Solution: Try waxing instead. It may be a little more painful but it lasts way longer than shaving, and keeps your skin smooth and prickly-free.


Frizzy, humidity hair

All that sweat and humidity really builds up in your long hair causing a great deal of frizziness and the constant fear of breaking your hairbrush in attempt to untangle the beast.

Solution: Try applying warm olive oil to your hair before taking a shower. The key to preventing frizzy hair is locking the moisture in, which is exactly what the olive oil does.


Accidently flashing everyone

Summer is when you bring out all of your skirts and dresses that you buried in your closet for the last nine months. Unfortunately, every girl has unintentionally flashed bystanders when the wind decides to brush up your skirt, causing a fairly regretful and embarrassing moment that you wish you could have avoided.

Solution: Wear a pair of booty shorts under. Booty shorts are light and feel like you’re just wearing underwear while avoiding a less embarrassing situation in the wind.

Feeling embarrassed about your sweat stains

Even though it’s perfectly normal and healthy to sweat, seeing a girl with sweat stains is usually not very attractive.

Solution: Once again, wear breathable, loose clothing and carry a mini deodorant stick in your pursue when you’re on the go.


The dangers of wearing sandals

Wearing sandals may seem as innocent as can be, but there’s more to it. You can stub your toes badly on pretty much everything, and we all know how excruciatingly painful that is! On top of that, your feet are prone to getting very dirty, covered in mud and dirt and whatever else you step on. Not to mention probably the worst thing sandals give us: ugly tan lines.

Solution: There’s no real solution for this except to just be careful of where you’re stepping and apply sunscreen on your feet. Sandals are simply too cute to just avoid wearing!


Constantly worrying if you smell bad

We love to smell fresh like flowers or sweet candy, hence our investment in body spray, perfumes and scented moisturizes. Unfortunately, the heat and all of the sweat that comes with it, makes it difficult for the perfumes to maintain their sweet smell which leaves you worried about what odours you may be giving off..

Solution: Always carry antiperspirant deodorant and a body spray with you for a quick spritz. Body sprays are great because their scent is not as strong and overbearing as a perfume so spraying yourself with spray every now and then will just give off a refreshing smell.


Getting stuck to things

“Sun out, legs out.” Skirts, dresses and shorts are super cute and airy. Unfortunately we have to pay a price to wear them. Who enjoys the feeling of grass tickling their legs when they sit down? Or how about getting concrete imprints on your butt? The worst feeling is probably sticking to the leather seats in cars.

Solution: Here is when baby powder becomes your kryptonite. It soaks up all of the extra moisture and you’re left with a great scent and soft legs. Just apply before you go out and voila!

Strapless clothes malfunctions

Strapless clothes are great, especially for avoiding unwanted tan lines from your clothes. Unfortunately, summer heat + strapless = nip slip. Sweaty skin makes it so hard for the strapless outfits to stay up.

Solution: Check out these seven awesome hacks to make strapless clothes less annoying from Bustle.

Being self-conscious about your bikini body

We hear it so often right before summer; “What are you doing to get your bikini body ready?” That statement is all over Instagram, Twitter, subway posters, store ads, etc. We are constantly reminded that a thin, fit body is the only form that is appropriate for bikinis.

Solution: Well guess what ladies, its hella hot and bikinis are hella cute. The solution is that everyone has a bikini body. You just buy that cute blue bikini and put it on and there, you’ve got the perfect bikini body.

We have quite a lot to deal with during the summer but in the end it’s all worth it for some sunshine and great summer memories.


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