Helping Your Home Accommodate More Family Members

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Is your family growing? Are there more people moving into your home? Perhaps you have decided to have more children. Maybe an elderly loved one needs more assistance and you need to take them under your wing. Whatever your reason for having more people staying in your family home, you’re going to have to make sure that the space properly accommodates everyone. This can often be easier said than done. But it is possible! Here are some suggestions that can help you to adapt your home to better suit everyone’s needs.

Consider Moving

Of course, one option that you always have available to you is moving home. You may simply feel that you have outgrown your current living space and need to move somewhere that is just bigger. Now, there are a number of steps that will go into this journey. Perhaps the most important one is to know exactly what you’re looking for before you start house hunting. Knowing how much space you’ll need, how many bedrooms you’re looking for and whether you need outdoor space like a garden or garage will help your estate agent to find properties that suit your needs. If your family may grow again soon in the future (perhaps you’re having your first child but know you want two more after) you should consider upgrading to the size of the final home you want rather than slightly upgrading on space and then moving again when the second little one arrives.

Adapting Your Current Space

If you don’t want to move, or simply can’t move right now, you can make simple and low cost adaptations to your current living space that will help to manage to living situation for the time being. You may want to look into room divider ideas that can give you inspiration and help you to better separate shared spaces, such as a bedroom that two of your children may be sharing. Room dividers offer privacy without having to literally build new walls in your home.


If you have a bigger budget and more time on your hands, you could consider home renovations. This involves restructuring your home to create more space. Popular home renovations tend to include extensions, which literally add more space onto your property, or loft conversions, which take unused space and turn it into functional, living space that your family can use to its full potential. Of course, before getting started with any renovation work, it’s absolutely essential that you get planning permission. This will help to ensure that you don’t have to revert work if you are reported or if planning permission is denied later down the line. You should also make sure to only use qualified and experienced architects and construction workers. This will ensure that work is finished to a high standard the first time around.

DIY home repair

You’re going to need your home to accommodate all family members and, as you can see, there are plenty of ways you can go about achieving this. Hopefully, some of the options highlighted above will tick your boxes and meet your needs.

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