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High-End Trendy Fashion And Style Gifts For Your Man In 2020

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When you think back to the many gifts you have likely purchased for your man over the years, how many times have they actually hit the mark and landed just where you hoped they would? How many times have you managed to pick out an item that he truly loves, will make use of, and was surprised to receive? Those types of gifts don’t happen all the time as they tend to require much more thought and planning, but let’s face it, they can be the best ones to give as the reaction is everything.

So, if you’re looking to shower your man with high-end trendy fashion and style gifts in 2020, here are some great ideas you may want to consider. There are enough here that you should have a few gift-giving events covered in 2020.

Designer Sneakers

If there’s ever been a high-end fashion gift that is sure to put an instant smile on your man’s face that gift would have to be designer sneakers. Designer sneakers accomplish two important things at once – the recipient gets to wear a statement piece of footwear that is trendy and current, and they will be comfortable thanks to the fact they perform like a sneaker is expected to.

So, what designer should you narrow your options to? If you’re looking for a designer that is known for cutting-edge, high-end fashion, setting the trends – not following them, and is recognized around the world as a top design house, look no further than Givenchy. Not only are Givenchy sneakers incredibly stylish, you’ve also got a wide range of choice so that you can find something perfect for your special guy.

givenchy sneakers

SSENSE is an online retailer that is known for carrying the best of the best when it comes to designer pieces, and Givenchy sneakers are no exception. Choose from different styles, colors, materials, and even prints, depending on how much of a statement you want your man to be able to make. You’ll even find a few of the ultra-popular high top styles, which will give a trendy edge to his look.

Designer Sunglasses

When it comes to the ultimate fashion accessory for men, sunglasses are the answer. Sunglasses help to portray a stylish look and can really complete an outfit, while also protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays. By investing in designer sunglasses, you’ll be getting the latest in trends sporting the most fashionable frames, and the added bonus that they are probably made with better materials so they last longer.

Of course, if you’re going to gift designer sunglasses be sure to also include a case with them so that they stay protected when not worn.

As for what the trendiest styles are, sunglass trends change each season, but one style that tends to show up on the runways every year is the aviators. These are large oversized frames that tend to flatter the majority of face shapes. They can also be dressed up or down, depending on where you’re going and what you’re doing. Alternatively, you can shop for a style that suits his face shape.

cool sunglasses for your man

The Ultimate Shirt and Tie Combo

Your man doesn’t have to work in an office environment in order to make use of a high-end dress shirt and coordinating tie.  This combination can be worn for a variety of social get togethers, a night out on the town, a fancy dinner, and so forth. And, of course, the tie can be paired with other dress shirts, including short-sleeved for a more casual look.

In terms of any particular colors or styles that are trendy, really with a shirt and tie you’ve got a bit of creative leeway, if you will. Ideally you want to pick colors that compliment your significant other’s skin tone, eye color, and work with their existing wardrobe. A high-quality shirt and tie is one that can be kept for many years, so make sure you go with something timeless.

Designer Briefcase or Bag

The final high-end accessory item for your man would be a briefcase or bag that he can use to tote his items around. Obviously, it’s perfect for the office, but even if your man commutes to and from work in a non-office environment, a bag can be really handy to have.

When you choose a high-end designer option, then you’re going to get better materials, more durable stitching, and fashionable details and styles that you won’t find elsewhere. Designer briefcases and bags for men can last a long time, especially in terms of the actual style of them.

handbag for man

Gift Buying Made Easy

So, before you start getting too worried and stressed about what to buy your significant other for various occasions in the year, be sure to refer back to this list of fabulous high-end trendy fashion and style gifts for your man. No matter which item(s) you pick, they are all sure to hit the mark.

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