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Movie Review: “High School Musical 3”



The movie begins right in the middle of the action: 16 minutes left in the Wildcats’ last game of the season. Losing by 20 points, the coach reminds the seniors that no matter what happens out there, this is the last chance to make an impression, to leave their mark.

With each song and dance number more fabulous and extravagant than the next, High School Musical 3 is not something you want to miss.

The whole cast is back and better than ever, in the newest musical, titled Senior Year. All of the students have their own problems to worry about: scholarships, getting into university, picking the girl, the boy, the family or the dream.


Troy Bolton (Zach Efron, Hairspray) seems to have it all: looks, talent, friends and the girl. However, what happens when he needs to choose?

Gabriella Montez (Vanessa Hudgens) is off to Stanford and to do so, she must leave everything behind—forgetting Troy and East High all together. The big question: what to choose?

Director Kenny Ortega uses HSM3 to explore all those avenues that the modern soon-to-be-graduate must think about. Where do I go? Who should I listen to? Should I do what my heart or my head tells me?

Each member of the cast has a big decision to make. However, all of them are more focused on spending those last precious moments with each other, because — despite how the song goes — soon they will not all be in this together.


As this franchise grows, it must expand like the teens in its stories, and so three newcomers were added to the mix: Jimmy “The Rocket”, Donny and Tiara play the sophomores, perhaps to settle our feet into the High School Musical 4 rumours. I am sure we will see bigger and better things from these rising stars, when Disney pulls another smashing hit to the box office.    

Check out the trailer for “High School Musical 3”


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