Is High School Preparing You For Success In The Real World?

Another in our Whaddya Think series, where we ask students for their opinions…


Is High School Preparing You for Success?

Bobby, 17
No. Being in high school is not realistic enough. There should be guest speakers who have real-life experience to tell us what to expect when we graduate. Courses like drama and phys ed are a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Colleen, 17
No. I haven’t been taught things like economics, managing my money, etc. I think there should classes or seminars to help us out if we have questions about what’s really going on in the real world.

Ali, 16
Yes. Each course in school teaches you different things depending on what you would like to do as a career. I think that these courses are a stepping-stone to a higher education.

Frances, 18
No. I think there should be more teachers who have worked in the real world instead of coming straight from university because they haven’t experienced life. I think that cutting the curriculum back by a year was a bad idea, because I don’t feel that I will be fully prepared when I leave school.

Ruby, 15
Yes. But, if I were to make any changes to the way things are done, I would make the classes a lot smaller so that students could get the attention they require in order to work to their full potential.

Rose-Mary, 17
Not really, because they teach you some things that you won’t need to use in the real world, which to me is a waste of time. If I were to make any changes, I would take out the courses that won’t benefit us towards our future career goals.

Steve, 18
The one thing that I have been taught in high school is that it prepares you for the politics of business and life in general. The grade 12s got treated a lot better than the grade 9s by the teachers, because the more time you spend in a workplace, the more respect you will gain from people.

Charlotte, 16
Yes. Careers class helped me a lot. Some people may disagree but as long as you keep up with your work it will benefit you in the end. I think more of the courses should be taught with a “hands on” approach, as opposed to being taught by the textbook so much. Courses such as co-op will definitely help me get the experience I need for later on.

Josh, 14
Yes. The classes in high school offer a variety of choices. I think that they’re doing a good job.

Interviews and photographs by Bonnie Croft

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