Highest-Paid Actresses In 2020

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When talking of highest paid female actors, we rush to Hollywood. Hollywood has become the motion picture movement that has grabbed the market, gathering up billions of dollars in their coffers. Most money has been gained from traditional movies. Some have assumed a lot of money from tv shows and some tv series. Lets us look at the highest paid Actresses in the year 2020.

($35.5 million) Angelina Jolie

$35.5 million is not a joke, it’s a whole lot and for a name like Angelina Jolie, it is a figure that perfectly fits the person. She has participated in traditional films and this has influenced her to receive an enormous paycheck like this one and many more for being a create craps en ligne gratuit player of the year

Thanks to The Eternal, which is a Marvel developed movie, suspected of having a budget that stands at a whopping $200 million.

($25 million) Melissa McCarthy

She is one comical and humorous actress that has managed to make a fat fortune from the acting industry. She has been part and parcel of a cast crew that has been directed by husband Ben Falcone, and she has become the name to say in HBO and Netflix. Did you know at best casinos online you can bet on non-Atlantic events like movies and stand a chance to win big.

Mellisa is also part and parcel of the senior cast at NBC’s Little Big Shots. She assumes the role of a Ursula who is in the thick and thin of reality and lives in The Little Mermaids. McCarthy has a full plate on the table.

($43 million) Sofia Vergara

Yes, $43 million! Vergara is a well known character in the Hollywood family, she was also part and parcel of the Americas Got Talent Judge section. Her participation in ABC’s Modern family has increased her influence in the film industry. She is a full participant in issues of licensing deals.

Fashion, fashion and fashion ! She has a strong line of jean business at Walmart and furniture deals at Rooms to go.



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