What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In Canada?

Canada’s economy has long been praised as an example of thoughtful and measured management by countries around the globe. With around three-quarters of the Canadian workforce dominated by the service industry, it’s worth taking a look at what job roles find the most value in this beautiful North American country.

With the face of trade forever changing as it does with most countries, Canada has undergone a shift in what jobs it sees fit to pay the most for their work. As of now, here are some of the highest paying ones that are commonly found across the country.

CN Tower, Toronto Jobs In Canada

Website developer

The internet stands at the very centre of everything we do now – be it in business or personal life – so having the right kind of website is key to surviving in the modern age.

One job that’s crucial to companies wanting to do this is web developers, with experienced heads estimated to make between $78,000 to $180,000 a year. In particular, the development of Canadian online casino sites has seen this job role grow to become massively in demand, as more and more people flock to test their luck in online betting spaces.


While high-ranking medical staff can all found be in and around the highest paying jobs in Canada, Anesthesiologists generally find themselves as receivers of the largest salary, estimated to be anywhere between $109,000 to $580,000 per year.

With the training and education of Anesthesiologists taking more than 10 years and their role being so vital within the surgical procedures that hospitals all over the country perform, it’s easy to see why they’re valued so highly.

anesthesiologist, jobs in canada


Finding the right person for a job is an incredibly important job in itself. It’s no different in Canada, where the job market is rife with thousands of applications submitted every day.

The people who are tasked to sift through these applications and find the right prospective employees are indeed members of the service trade, and on average they earn around $83,000.

University lecturer

Getting into university has become more common in recent years as most institutions have opened up to incorporate more courses and less strict requirements of entry.

That being said, the process of finding the right lecturer who has the knowledge and ability to educate people to a degree level is tricky, so the value of university lecturers who show these abilities are incredibly important to Canada, who are believed to be paying around $100,000 to a mid-range lecturer.

Construction manager / planner

 Expansion is wholly important in the modern age, with older companies expanding and new companies setting up shop every day. With this in mind, the value of someone who knows how to predict costs and give accurate time windows for the construction of new buildings is vital to not only Canada but to countries around the world.

In major cities like Vancouver and Toronto, construction planners are required to not only expected to build practically but also in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. Merging ingenuity as well as visibility is why the various levels of this job role are estimated to make between $30,000 to $120,000 a year.

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