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Hilary Duff Is Just A Normal Girl, With Insecurities

Hilary Duff Joel Madden

“I’m just a normal person with normal insecurities,” says Hilary Duff, after explaining that there are days when she wakes up and thinks she looks absolutely awful, and days when she doesn’t.

It’s hard to believe that Hilary Duff considers herself to be normal. After all, not every 18-year-old has acted in hit movies, released two chart-topping CDs, travelled around the world performing, has a clothing line, and, to top it all, is dating Joel Madden, the lead singer of Good Charlotte. But, if you have the pleasure of speaking with Hilary, you might just find you agree with her—she does seem pretty normal.

To cope with a schedule crammed full of movie shoots, song recordings, and live appearances, Hilary turns to fitness and family. “I do Pilates. It really helps me relax. And I try to always take time out for myself and the people I love.”

Admitting things can get a little overwhelming, Hilary offers encouragement, saying you have to be “willing to feel the low parts and push through.” With all her recent success, it’s obvious that Hilary has taken her own advice and pushed right through to the top.

Hilary Duff

Written by Faze contributor Mandy Abrahams

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