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What’s New: Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps By Earth Luxe

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Dating back 250 million years, the Pink Himalayan Rock Salt found deep in the Salt Range Hills of Pakistan has offered a holistic natural solution for overall wellness for the home & body.

Earth Luxe Pink Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal Salt Lamps & Candle Vessels are hand-chiseled by master craftsman with the sole intent of keeping the formation in its most natural form. The formation is hand-chiseled to remove the core to allow for the addition of an electric lamp which radiates a soft pinkish orange glow.

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Himalayan Crystal Salt Fire Bowl Lamp, $79.95

The heat of the light in the salt lamp attracts water vapors in the air. These vapors hold allergens and toxins like dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke particles and bacteria, which attach themselves to the salt lamp leaving the atmosphere clean. The lamp then releases clean water vapors back into the air, providing an allergen/toxin free environment as well as imparting a variety of wellness and calming benefits including: improved breathing, less colds, increased relaxation, fewer headaches, improved ability to concentrate, improved sleep, and better overall well-being.

earth luxe
Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp with USB Cord, $24.95

Though more expedient and cost effective methods are available, hand-mining results in virtually no waste or added pollutants to the Pink Salt Crystals keeping it in its most purest and beneficial form, so the 84 different trace minerals can be easily and naturally absorbed into the body.

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