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Hobbies To Bring Peace To Your Everyday Life In The COVID Era

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Recorded numbers of COVID cases are declining, but our biggest cities are still struggling to keep their numbers down. So, if you are still a bit on the fence about visiting crowded places, we understand your concern and empathize with how stressful the situation can be. Relieving this stress on your own is no mean feat – and it’s easy to grow bored or anxious when it seems like you’ve tried everything. Finding a new hobby at home is a great way to get your mind off of negative thoughts while staying out of COVID’s way. Haven’t found your new favorite thing yet? We’ve got you. Below, you’ll find some ideas for you to bring a bit more peace to your life in these difficult times.

Prioritize Yourself

Finding a hobby should be something that gives you a sense of balance in your everyday life. How we spend our free time is something that can have a major impact on our energy levels. Listening to the voice inside when it tells you it’s time to relax is really important, since no one knows your body or mind like you do. And if you won’t listen to yourself, then who will?

Firstly, you should be OK with prioritizing time to yourself. Often, we experience a sense of guilt when e.g. saying no to going somewhere with our friends. But sometimes, that 1,5 hour cup of coffee with a friend can be more draining than giving to your mind. Prioritizing yourself is never wrong, and how you spend this time for yourself is up to you. This also applies when choosing a hobby: You may like the idea of getting into painting – but if you keep getting stuck in a rut of self-criticism, it’s time to try something different.

Find Your Thing

Many seem to have discovered a love for baking during the recent lockdowns – and if you haven’t tried it yet, it might very well bring you the same joy. If this isn’t for you, maybe a more mindful take on “me time” could be a good way to relax for you: For example, this could be in the form of exercising or reading books. Yoga could also be a great way for you to learn to listen to your body and find peace while moving.

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Build Personal Connections

Alone time is great, but some people find more peace in the company of the people they love. Even though COVID numbers aren’t as far down as we’d like, it’s completely OK to still spend time with friends and family, as long as you’re being responsible. Maintaining deeper connections with loved ones is still incredibly important for our mental health.

Creating deeper connections with other people allows us to learn more about ourselves, both good and bad. Spending a lot of time with someone challenges our way of dealing with situations and how we handle disputes. Realizing how we act in certain situations gives us a greater understanding of who we are, what we stand for and what we need in our everyday lives.

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