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Holiday Gift Guide: For The Home Haven

Holiday Decor

We’re all spending more time at home. This holiday season is the perfect opportunity to make your space your haven, where you can relax, breathe easy and escape the worries of the outside world. You’ll want to gift many of these, but we know you’ll also want to find them under your tree.

Saje Ultrasonic Diffuser
Saje Wellness

Essential oils capture the healing power of nature, and help you feel better, naturally. The concentrated ‘life force’ of plants, essential oils have remarkable abilities to support our wellness and is known to help with sleep, stress, pain relief and more.

The Saje Ultrasonic Diffuser purifies and humidifies while infusing your air with the healing power of plants. It releases negative ions to reduce dust, pet dander and other airborne allergens (like dust mite matter), while refreshing the air in your space using 100% natural essential oil blends, which gives your atmosphere the same refreshing feeling as standing near a waterfall.
Saje Wellness

Key Features: 100 ml water tank that diffuses approximately 400 sq ft. Mists for approximately 3 hours continuous | 6 hours intermittent (30 sec on/30 sec off). Clay-coloured polyresin cover and an optional LED light feature. Automatic shut-off and whisper-quiet operation.

Saje Wellness

Of course, you’ll need the essential oils to use in your beautiful diffuser. This festive set brings holiday cheer into your home with welcoming notes of warm spice, woodsy evergreens, refreshing mint and uplifting citrus. The Good Cheer Festive Diffuser Blend Collection includes Deep Forest, Tree Scents, All The Feels, Peppermint Twist, and Festive Friday (all 5 ml each). Shop now: Saje.com

BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket

BlanQuil’s Weighted Blankets are intelligently designed to utilize the power of deep pressure stimulation. This well-regarded therapeutic method applies pressure or firm touch to the body to reduce cortisol, and increase serotonin and melatonin – it’s the blanket that hugs you back!


Key Features: The deluxe ultra-soft micro plush cover is removable, machine washable and dryer friendly. 77 independent baffles keep the eco-friendly glass beads distributed evenly across your body. It is well tailored and can be used without the cover in warmer months. High-strength, reinforced ties are found inside the duvet system creating 8 connection points to reduce shifting. Deep Pressure Stimulation: Engineered to be 8%-15% of your body weight so that you feel hugged by your blanket. Deeper Sleep: Maximizes relaxation and minimizes body movement. Enabling a deeper REM cycle. Reduced Stress + Anxiety: Studies have shown weighted blankets increase serotonin and melatonin levels. It Feels Wonderful: The combination of ultra-soft microfiber and weight, makes this the most comfortable blanket you’ve ever experienced. Shop now: Sleep Country

Indigo Love Snow Globe

This exuberant glass Love Snow Globe encases dimensional gold text in the shape of mylar balloons and free-floating metallic silver flecks that dazzle when the globe is shaken. The glass sphere rests atop a sleek white base that plays a music box rendition of “Blue Danube Waltz.” 4.75” in diameter, 6.5” tall. Polyresin, glass, plastic, purified water, metal musical movement. Not just for the holidays you can display this message of love all year round. Shop now: Exclusive to Indigo

Northern Expressions Inuit Carvings
Northern Expressions

Made wholly from Canada’s abundant natural resources, their sculptures offer a special connection to our land and the rich history of our country. Each handcrafted piece is a one-of-a-kind creation that will express your personality, define your space and enrich your lifestyle. In order to (a) guarantee the authenticity and originality of Inuit carvings for the protection of consumers, and (b) protect Inuit carvers from exploitation, the Government of Canada registered the Igloo Trademark as proof that the artwork is an authentic Inuit carving and the carver has been fairly paid. All Inuit carvings carried by Northern Expressions bear the Igloo trademark. So Canadiana! Shop now: Northern Expressions Inuit Carvings.

Malouf Spooner Body Pillow

With the Malouf Spooner Body Pillow your aches and pains will melt away as soon as you lay on it. Created to help relieve discomfort by providing back and stomach support, this pillow is perfect for any side sleeper with hip or lower back pain. Ergonomically designed, the pillow wraps around your body, supporting your head, neck, back, hips and belly, and provides the comfort of up to six standard pillows.
Designed to help regulate body temperature, the Spooner Body pillow has a luxurious down alternative filling, which feels and reacts like down without odors, allergens or sharp quills, and is wrapped in a Tencel removable cover with superior moisture-management properties, which aids in optimal sleeping temperatures. Shop now: Sleep Country

Rowenta Accessteam Iron

Easy to use and highly efficient, the new Rowenta Accessteam Iron makes a quick job of any garment and offers professional results. Its durable design, precision tipped stainless steel soleplate, advanced Microsteam technology, and ability to steam vertically make it a household must-have whether you’re crafting, mask making, or creating a whole new wardrobe.


This high-performance iron comes equipped with a stainless steel soleplate featuring advanced Microsteam technology, with over 350 micro-holes to ensure maximum steam coverage and high-quality engineering designed for extra durability. Shop now:  Rowenta Accessteam Iron.

Ellia Palm Queen Petal Diffuser
Ellia Palm Queen Petal Diffuser
Ellia Palm Queen Petal Diffuser

Inject some tropical fun into your next aroma experience with the beautifully simple Palm Queen porcelain aroma diffuser. Its fun, breezy design comes in two colors and is made from ceramic and porcelain, for a natural, settling effect. The Palm Queen is a water- and electricity-free way to experience the joys of essential oils – simply pour in a bottle of your favorite aroma, then sit back and enjoy as the diffuser slowly releases the scent over a period of weeks in your favorite small space. And it’s delightfully sized to fit right in the palm of your hand. Includes a 15-ml bottle of Rise Up essential oil. Shop now: Ellia Palm Queen Petal Diffuser.

Umbra Aquala Bath Caddy

The Aquala Bath Caddy is luxury in its simplest form. The caddy keeps your essentials on hand and fits books, tablets, phones, glasses (including stemware) of different sizes. With an added phone holder to keep your phone dry and easily accessible, a double hook for your loofah, added support to prop up your magazine, book or tablet and a new wine glass holder, this bathtub caddy will keep all of your bath essentials organized to ensure a tranquil time of relaxation. And we love that although they’re known internationally, Umbra started right here in Canada. Shop now: Umbra Aquala Bath Caddy

Zara Holiday Home and Gingerbread Cookies
Zara Home

If you love the holidays and the smell of gingerbread cookies, you need to visit Zara Home. Their diffuser and candles with the smell of freshly baked gingerbread cookies and soft notes of cinnamon and spices will create a warm and cozy atmosphere in any home. Shop now: Zara Holiday Home

Thermacell Patio Shield and Patio Shield Lantern

You may not be worried about pesky mosquitoes right now, but before you know it you’ll be wishing you had the Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller and the Patio Shield Lantern on hand. The Patio Shield’s powerful technology uses heat to disperse a highly effective repellent, creating a 15ft zone of protection for you and others nearby. You can say goodbye to messy sprays, smelly candles, and dangerous open flames. It’s stylish, convenient, portable and DEET-free! 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Shop now: Thermacell


Create a café vibe at home and enjoy your coffee, your way. Starbucks Christmas or Holiday Blend, combined with a festive Starbucks tumbler, mug or cold cup is the perfect gift for even the most difficult person to buy for. We love ceramic mugs because they keep your coffee or tea hotter for longer, so you can relax and slowly savour every drop. And of course, we love that they’re obviously reusable and not to mention they’re so, so cute!

You can always browse select merchandise on the Starbucks app or grab a gift to go at Starbucks cafés. You can also be a Messenger of Merry and spread holiday cheer with an e-gift card via the Starbucks® app or Starbucks.ca/gift. And of course, you can treat a loved one to a surprise Peppermint Mocha with a Starbucks® delivery on Uber Eats to let them know you’re thinking of them. Shop now: Starbucks


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