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Holiday Special: 4 Must-Have Perfect Party Items

Tis’ the season for holiday parties.

If you’re planning a holiday get-together, you’ll need to have the best treats, décor, entertainment and gifts to your guests. Faze wants to share our must-have party items that will make your holiday fest the most memorable of the season!

1) Personal Fizzy Drinks

The Source Drink Maker by SodaStream (www.SodaStream.ca, $150) is a must-have item in an entertainer’s kitchen. With a push of a button, you can create healthier and more affordable bubbly beverages. You could just leave it at sparkling water, but we’d suggest using one of SodaStream’s flavoured syrups and creating drinks that no one has ever had before.


2) Express Yourself

We all love reading little quotes that make us smile so why not have them spread around the main area—but don’t get carried away. Share quotes that will remind your guests why they’re here; friendship, love, peace, family and memories. Indigo is a great bookstore, but they also have charming décor! They offer wall decal, adorable mugs with sayings or—one of our favourites—their Expression Pillows (www.indigo.ca, $40), like the one that says “Collect memories, not things”—love it!

Party Pillow

3) Get into the Groove

Three words: Just Dance 2014 (Ubisoft, $40). It’s a party in a game and it’ll have your guests laughing and dancing all night long. The game requires the WiiU (www.nintendo.com, $300) and the 3D graphics will blow your mind. If your guests aren’t the dancing type, you can pop in the Wii Sports game and play tennis, go bowling and shoot some hoops in your living room.

4) DIY Photo Booth

Do you remember when you use to go to the mall with your BFF and take cheesy pictures in the photo booth? Bring that feeling back with a DIY photo booth in your living room! The Instax Mini 8 by FujiFilm (www.fujifilm.ca, $100) is a Faze favourite for printing instant photos—it’s totally old school, and we love it! It comes in five different colours and includes a roll of film.

Fujifilm Instax
A photo booth is 10x the fun with props, so create some cute props (large lips, mustaches, top hats and funky glasses) and set up your photo booth against a blank or artistic wall. We guarantee your friends will be posting these pictures all over their Instagram! Find out how to DIY your own photo booth props (link here).

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