Stressed About Annual Home Clean-Up Day? Check Out These 6 Effective Indoor Brooms!

indoor brooms

Your home says a lot about you. If you have a neat and clean home, you probably like keeping it that way. If your home is dirty and unkempt – it can only mean one thing – that you haven’t found the right broom! 

So find the right broom for the task at hand. And if you think that looking for brooms is also tedious and time-consuming, we agree one hundred percent! Why else would we make a list of all the brooms that you should check out? 

Here, have a look. 

#1 Cover Your Corners – Angled Brooms

Got too many nooks and corners in your house? You need to invest in some fine looking angled brooms. The synthetic bristles make sure that all your indoor work is taken care of easily. If that was not enough, even outdoor work like sweeping the leaves off your patio could be stress-free with this cleaning tool.

If those cobwebs are increasing by the day, you’ll probably need an angled broom to get rid of them. By reaching into the remotest corners, these brooms are extremely effective and offer precision-cleaning.

#2 One For Large Spaces – Push Brooms

Ideal for sweeping a bigger area, you know you need push brooms when there’s way too much dirt than you can handle. Staying true to its name, it makes a pushing motion to collect debris. 

Depending on the surface you need these brooms for, it could either be for a rough or a smooth surface. While buying one of these, make sure that you specify if you need it for indoor or outdoor use, depending on which, you can get the right bristle type. 

push broom

#3 Easy To Handle – Corn Brooms

Bet you’ve seen corn brooms all around general stores and this is why they make for excellent indoor brooms, , even for professional home cleaning. A good-quality, medium-strength corn broom is long-lasting and durable. Need something for dry and wet surfaces? Some corn brooms can do both! Some options of corn brooms are either handmade or are made of natural fiber. Some are lightweight while some are heavier than others.

#4 The Quick Whisk – Whisk Brooms

If you’re familiar with corn brooms, then using whisk brooms for cleaning will be even easier. These brooms are smaller, triangular versions of corn brooms with a few rows of stitching across it. 

It’s naturally very effective on dirty carpets, the upholstery, or floors, among other surfaces. You can even have smaller versions for your car. Got a guest coming over and you need to do a quick clean-up? These are massively helpful in whisking the dirt off. 

quick whisk broom

#5 Easy To Use – Rubber Brooms

Having trouble with brooms whose bristles keep coming apart? Here’s a quick fix for you. Rubber brooms are gaining popularity as homeowners have realized that their bristles remain intact even after rigorous passes! 

Rubber brooms are also handy in areas with excessive dirt and debris.

#6 Keeping It Simple – Standard Brooms

If you’re old school like some of us, then newer, complex, and fancy brooms will not interest you. We’ve all seen the standard broom since the early years of growing up. It’s the best suitable and sustainable option for your home. Especially for smaller spaces. 

From dropped cereal to eraser dust, standard brooms can sweep out almost anything in no time. Plus, it’s easy to use for any of the family members. Spick, span, and spotless! 

broom brooms


You know what they say – go big or go home. Although necessary, when done right, cleaning is also creative and therapeutic! Check out Vileda Canada for some wonderful broom and mop options, that are effective and manageable for daily use as well.

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