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From Hong Kong to Richmond Hill: Why Immigrants Choose to Settle in the GTA

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Wei and his family were among the many Chinese immigrants who chose Toronto’s suburbs of Markham and Richmond Hill as their new home. Here they encountered a vibrant community of Chinese immigrants from around the world, including Hong Kong and mainland China. Unfortunately for Wei, leaving Hong Kong was not an easy decision due to China’s increasing control over Hong Kong and lack of future prospects for youth. He had seen how many friends struggled to find work or build successful lives for themselves; now he worried for their children’s futures too.

Toronto and Vancouver are two of Canada’s largest and most multicultural cities, both experiencing dramatic increases in Chinese immigration over the last several decades. When Wei decided to relocate from Vancouver, several factors played a role: proximity to family, affordability of housing and an accessible public transportation system.

One primary reason is Toronto’s diverse job market. Toronto boasts a vibrant financial sector, tech-forward industries and healthcare giants – creating more job opportunities for immigrants with specialized skills and experience.

Another reason is Toronto’s excellent educational system. Here, students have access to some of Canada’s top universities such as the University of Toronto and Ryerson University – providing more chances for Chinese students to receive an excellent education in their chosen field.

Toronto’s proximity to the United States is another important factor. Being situated on Canada’s east coast makes it a prime location for businesses looking to expand into America, creating more job opportunities and developing skillsets – especially valuable assets for immigrants seeking success in Canada.

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Toronto’s diverse and welcoming environment is a major draw for Chinese immigrants. With over 50% of its population born outside Canada, Toronto offers a multicultural setting where newcomers can feel accepted and included.

Hong Kong’s housing prices are notoriously high, with the average cost of a small apartment often surpassing millions of dollars. This makes it difficult for many people to afford even basic living accommodations and can limit young people’s opportunities for buying their own homes. On the other hand, Toronto provides more budget-friendly options with homes and apartments designed for all budgets – making it easier for Chinese immigrants who may be facing high living costs in their homeland to settle down and start new lives in Canada.

Wei and his family quickly connected with a local real estate professional who had been active in the Toronto housing market for years. Their aim is to find an individual detached house that incorporates Great Fengshui principles. Many Chinese consider Yonge Street and Bayview Street in Richmond Hill to be the “dragon bones” of Toronto, with their energy flow particularly influential in fengshui practice. Many Chinese immigrants, even those not deeply immersed in fengshui, consider their home and environment to be key factors when making decisions. After searching homes for sale in Markham and Richmond Hill, and compared with many recently sold homes, Wei and his family finally purchased their dream home in Richmond Hill and settled down. Nowadays, Wei and his family are enjoying life in their new community; they take advantage of all the healthcare and educational opportunities available here, explore all the parks and attractions, as well as celebrate cultural traditions together.

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Wei’s story is not unique among Chinese immigrants, particularly those from Hong Kong and mainland China. Many are drawn to Canada due to its reputation as a multicultural nation with promising job prospects, low living expenses, and excellent education and healthcare systems.

In conclusion, Toronto’s diverse economy, bustling job market, quality education system and welcoming environment make it a desirable destination for Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong and mainland China. While concerns about China’s government or lack of future opportunities may tempt some to leave Hong Kong or other parts of China, Canada’s reputation as an inclusive country remains an attractive draw to those seeking to build better lives for themselves and their families.

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