Hot Chelle Rae: On Their Way To The Top

Hot Chelle Rae

After going platinum in Canada and Australia, and double platinum in the States, the guys of Hot Chelle Rae are set on a road paved for success. Their hit single, “Tonight, Tonight” was a summer soundtrack for many, and their latest, “I Like It Like That” featuring New Boyz, is the perfect party song.

Ryan Follese (vocals, guitar), Nash Overstreet (guitars), Ian Keaggy (bass) and Jamie Follese (drums) are all super-excited for the release of their second studio album, Whatever, due out November 29th. “Listening to the album…is like living a day in the life of any of us. Whether we’re having an amazing time, missing home, missing loved ones, you’ll really be able to step in our shoes and see what it’s like,” Ryan says of the album. They cite some of their favourite new songs as “Keep You With Me,” “Honestly” and “Downtown Girl.”

Hot Chelle Rae

Of course, having already churned out one studio album (Lovesick Electric in ‘09), and growing up with families in the music biz, they have a fair bit of experience. Whatever is a reflection of the band’s growth and journey to where they are now: “I think we really learned how to put ourselves in what we go through and deal with in everyday life [for writing the songs]. Everything we write about happens. We live it. So that makes the songs so much more a part of us.”

Hot Chelle Rae recently wrapped up touring North America and Europe, and is set to go down under in Australia and New Zealand with Taylor Swift next spring. Playing for large crowds every night, they definitely acknowledge fans as an integral part of their success. “We’ve got so many fans that are amazing. They’re always making us stuff,” Nash says. “And it’s crazy the effort that they put in to show us that they love us and our music, and it’s always touching.”

Hot Chelle Rae

Nominated for Favourite New Artist at the 29th Annual American Music Awards, Hot Chelle Rae is really making 2011 their year. Aiming for longevity, arena shows in the near future and to be forever on the road, they cite their keys to success as: persistence, a little stupidity, believing in what you do and letting the word “no” fuel you. Oh, and sleep.

Here’s the Hot Chelle Rae video for Tonight Tonight:

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