Hot Hot Heat Is Cranking It Up A Notch

Hot Hot Heat

Starting a fire is only half the task. The real chore is to keep it burning. Hot Hot Heat’s Paul Hawley hopes the band can do just that with their latest, Elevator. Their last offering, Make Up the Breakdown, helped these pop rockers gain attention. Paul says the album was “randomly popular.” Elevator, on the other hand, represents maturation for a band that has been hard at it since the 1990s.

“The last album was an uncomplicated approach to the world, love and life,” says the drummer. “This record isn’t a reaction. It’s a natural sort of movement.” Paul adds the new album contains more depth, revealed through “concise and poignant” lyrics. But he’s quick to add that fans can still expect the same patented “bouncy” and “fun” approach they’ve come to love.

Although HHH has seen some changes with the recent departure of guitarist Dante DeCaro and subsequent addition of new string man, Luke Paquin, Paul is adamant that he doesn’t feel more mature. He jokes that there are some growing pains rock stars don’t have to contend with, “We don’t really have to cut our hair and get a real job,” says Paul.

For now, he’s awaiting reactions to the new album, “It’s like you’re getting in a new relationship with your heart on your sleeve. You hope it doesn’t get crushed to a thousand pieces.”

Here’s the Hot Hot Heat video for “Middle of Nowhere”


Photo courtesy of Warner Music Canada.

Written by Faze contributor Stefan Norman

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