How Can you Invest In Online Gaming In Canada?

What’s better than playing your favourite online games? Getting paid to play your favourite games. Two decades ago, making money in the gaming industry was for a select few: developers, publishers, writers and marketers.

These days, everyone is welcome to invest and make money through online games. Canada is full of these opportunities, so, you don’t need to relocate to the US or Europe to become a video game millionaire. Where should you start?

Become a game developer

game developer Gaming in Canada

Some people like to play online games for hours. But what if your passion is to create games? There’s a market for you in Canada. You can work for the big companies: Bioware, Behaviour Interactive and Beenox. Or you could become an indie developer.

Becoming a game developer is a massive investment that starts with learning how to code. These days, learning how to create online games is pretty affordable. A $50 online class can take you through the entire process of creating a game like Candy Crush Saga.

With a $10,000 budget, you can learn to develop relatively advanced PC and console games. And that includes how to write storylines, design graphics and a bonus of how to market your products.

Become a casino Player

Casinos give you a chance to create your own luck…and fortunes. They challenge you to place small bets for a chance to win more money in return. A few Canadians have won hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars at various casinos. So, it’s not a scam.

Most online casinos in Canada have hundreds of games. They are safe and pay up when you win. https://casinogurus.com has a detailed guide on how to find the best gaming websites online, especially if you like roulette.

After you find a reliable casino, the next step is to play. Slots, craps, bingo and most other games are based on pure luck. So, there’s little you can do tilt the odds in your favour. But roulette, blackjack and skills have strategies and systems you can use to stay profitable.

Stream on Twitch and YouTube

Female Gamers - Kristen “KittyPlays” Valnicek

Becoming a game developer takes a lot of time and money. If you’re not sure whether it’s what you need, start somewhere else. Creating a Twitch or YouTube channel is an excellent start. On these two platforms, you can do nearly anything related to gaming.

Most people choose to play their favorite video games live. Why would anyone want to watch that? The same reasons people watch movies and sports: entertainment. That said, streaming games can turn you into a celebrity.

And as you know, there are plenty of perks with being famous. You can become a brand ambassador as an influencer. You could sell merchandize or earn from adverts on your channels.

Create a News Website

Canada is home to 19 million gamers, according to research firm Statista. That’s 54% of the population, meaning there’s a huge demand for gaming-related content. Of course, there’s already competition in the market.

But there’s always room for one more reputable news source. Most gaming websites fall into two categories: hardware and the gaming side of things. With hardware, you create content related to gaming devices.

With gaming, you break the news about streamers, YouTubers, new video games and developers. Most websites generalize content to accommodate a broad range of fans. And guess what? The biggest sites command over one million visitors every month.

With huge traffic to your website comes a wide range of monetization options. You could run adverts or make money through affiliate markets. You could also sell branded items or sell gaming-related courses.

Become a Game Coach

So, you’re the guy everyone calls when they want to become better at specific games? Start a coaching business. Create a website and tell people about what games you can teach them. Also, create social media profiles and share some of your gaming tips on YouTube.

There are thousands of new gamers who wish they could finish in the top ten of PUBG and Fortnite games. And they’re willing to pay up to $35 per hour to anyone who can share secrets on how to do it.

As a new coach, though, you’ll have to share a lot of tips free of charge. People generally don’t trust new coaches. But they can develop trust once they view your content and like it. After that, you can increase your rates depending on demand.

Start a Game Podcast

Top Female gamers on Twitch - Tory “Dinglederper” Weeks

Think about it. If Canadians can stay late at night to watch their favourite streamers on Twitch. They can wake up early in the morning to listen to their favorite game podcasts. So, how do you start a podcast that will draw everyone’s attention?

Learn from the best. Listen to the best game podcasts you know and take note of what they talk about. Maybe they share news about upcoming video games. Or they give out secrets on how to win slot machines.

Discover what the best podcasts are doing and share similar or better content. Of course, that asks for in-depth research, fact-checking and interviewing experts. It also helps to have a unique personality. That way, your podcast will have something unique that other podcasters can’t replicate.

Start a Gaming Business

As we mentioned above, Canada is a gaming hub. And that means it has a huge market for all sorts of gaming products. How about you find out what’s in demand that you can sell?

You could start a site that sells gaming T-shirts. Or you could create a platform where people trade skins. Still, you could sell gaming hardware and software. There are numerous things you can trade in the gaming industry.

Many items don’t really need a website. If you can create an account on eBay, Craiglist, Amazon or Instagram, you can start a gaming business. Of course, you don’t want to depend on third-party platforms for long. With time, a website becomes necessary: eliminating fees and creating a brand for your business.

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