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How I Choose Dummy Boxing Bags For My Training

boxing bags training

Boxing has taken up a big spot in my workout routines, so there is no wonder why I began searching for the right boxing bags for my training. In this article, I will explain why do I use a fighting dummy shaped like a person for my training, and what should you look out for when choosing your boxing bag.

Every person who aspires to improve their boxing skills knows how important it is to choose the right boxing bag for you! Your training should help you improve your move coordination and develop the correct kicking techniques. The style, type, size, and material are important factors that you should always keep in mind when choosing the right punching bag for you.

How do you know that a boxing bag is the one for you?

First of all, the type of sport you are training for is important, too! Boxing, martial arts, or other types of fighting styles target different areas, and all of them have different techniques and movements. For some of them, speed is important, for others dodging attacks plays an important role, that’s why the punching bags look different, too!

I chose a dummy boxing bag for my training, mainly because of its similarity with the human body when it comes to shape, weight, and height. You don’t need to mount these kinds of punching bags to the wall or ceiling since most of the time they are freestanding. One of the reasons why I chose to buy a dummy boxing bag is the fact that you don’t have to attach them to base support either, making them perfect for training that includes throws, strikes, and takedowns.

I am currently training for a judo competition, and I have to admit that owning a dummy boxing bag helped me train more efficiently, without any help. Training by yourself is far more effective than relying on another person for training.

How do you choose the perfect dummy boxing bag for you? Well, weight is the first thing you should have in mind when you’re looking for a boxing bag. My trainer told me to always choose a boxing bag that is almost half of your weight, but some of the boxing bags available on the market allow you to adjust the weight when needed.

This way, you can improve your general tonus and reactions. When it comes to height, choose the one that seems similar to the profile of your opponents. That’s one of my tips and tricks while training.

Also, another important aspect that you should have in mind is the filler of the bag. Why is this important? What’s inside the bag determines the punching bag’s dimensions, weight, firmness, and, last but not least, the price. I am going to list some of the most popular fillers available on the market down below.

Most of the boxing bags that you are going to stumble upon are filled with sand. This is an easy option and it’s the perfect choice if you are looking for a heavier boxing bag. I have also seen water punching bags becoming increasingly popular, but this is a risky choice since they can easily leak.

You might also find punching bags filled with air, but keep in mind that these types of boxing bags tend to deflate after use, and you will need to refill them before every training. A textile filling is another option, especially for those who want to protect their joints and wrists. The textile filler is soft, lightweight and it can be the perfect choice for sports like judo or Muay Thai.

boxing bags training

I hope that this little piece of advice can help you choose the perfect punching bag for you. Keep in mind the technique that you want to improve while looking for a boxing bag and choose one that can help you practice it. Size, material, fillers, weight, and other aspects are especially important when choosing a punching bag.

Also, consider choosing the perfect punching bag according to the sport you are practicing for. If the sport implies movements like throws, strikes, and other similar movements, a dummy boxing bag might be the perfect choice for you!

All in all, don’t forget to change the fillers of your punching bag from time to time, to make sure that your training is efficient! Boxing can be a tough sport, so you will need all it takes to improve your overall condition!

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