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How To Choose The Right Workout Clothing & Accessories

For many people, working out is a chore they put off rather than a treat they look forward to. Part of the reluctance can be caused by having the wrong kit for physical activities, so by choosing good quality gear that is appropriate for your needs, you might need less motivation to hit the gym.

But how do you know which products are right for you? Here are a few handy guidelines that should make any exercise you choose to do a bit more bearable.

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Footwear comes first

When it comes down to it, you simply cannot afford to skimp on footwear. The wrong shoes are not just going to leave you in discomfort during your workout, but could cause lasting damage.

Buying shoes which support your feet and cater to any specific issues you might have, such as such as arches which are either too high or too flat, is a good start. Nowadays you can find running shoes designed to alleviate a number of common problems. For example, this article highlights the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis, a common condition which causes heel pain. 

You might also consider the other qualities that footwear can offer, such as waterproofing to cope with inclement conditions, when making your selection.

Clearly you need to keep a realistic budget in mind, and you might also consider the ethics and eco-impact of the footwear brands on your wishlist, but first and foremost you need to buy according to what makes sense for your body.

Outdoor or indoor?

If you are only ever intending to work out in a gym, then your wardrobe will look very different to someone who has plans to burn off some calories under the open sky.

For indoor workout purposes, a single-layer clothing solution will be more than adequate and the only thing you need to get right is the sizing.

For outdoor use, factors like temperature and precipitation come into play. The autumn and winter months can pose the biggest challenges, so make sure you have multiple layers of thin, light clothing to keep out the biting winds and driving rains. Long-sleeved tops and full length bottoms which leave as little of your skin exposed as possible will be a great investment for outdoor workouts outside of the summer season.

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Essential accessories

It is not just clothing that makes a difference to your workout experience; those little extras you bring along with you can impact performance and enjoyment alike.

A water bottle which can be refilled and reused will be a great ally to your exercise, letting you take in plenty of H2O and also acting to keep your drink cool, so long as you choose an insulated example.

Entertainment is also important when you are working out, as an unoccupied mind can quickly make you focus on the tedium of the task at hand. A smartphone paired with a set of earbuds, preferably of the wireless variety to avoid cable tangling, will be great for outdoor sessions. Meanwhile indoor workouts, especially those conducted in the comfort of your own home, can be accompanied by a Bluetooth speaker blasting out the content you love.

Most of all a combination of careful research and putting your own needs first will ensure your workout clothing and accessories are a match made in heaven.

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