How Do College Students Spend Their Time?

The typical parent likely thinks that their kids are spending most of their time on educational activities, and that it’s only on the their weekends that they are engaging in other fun activities, But, in reality, that’s not what is happening at all.  Students don’t even spend half of their waking hours time attending lectures, classes and studying. To make matters worse, even if they are physically present in class, they are often not focused on the class in session. Some even put out “do my homework reddit” requests to avoid doing it themselves. So, in this article, we highlight some points on how college students spend their time.


Many surveys and questionnaires are conducted every year to take a record of student’s activities and how and where they spend their time. The most common activity is sports. Boys especially love to play football, baseball and many more. They are also indulged in indoor and outdoor games. In terms of video gaming they love playing games like Paladins, Fifa, GTA, the Last of Us and others. While girls love spending their time shopping and grooming themselves, some girls are also active in sports and like playing games. It is concluded that the time spent by a full-time college student for leisure and sports is approximately 3.7 hours from 24 hours.

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Using smartphones and social media is now a big part of our daily life routine; checking social media in the morning is like a morning cup of coffee which is very essential. It’s important to know how much time do college students spend on social media. Surveys say that most of teenager’s time is spent texting every day. Surfing the internet and listening to music is a great part of using phones. It is also concluded that girls use their phones 10 hours per day while boys use it for 8 hours per day.

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It’s a common thought that at this age students spend most of their time partying and clubbing. They love going out with their friends and exploring the nightlife. They usually forget about their classes and pay no attention to their educational activities which can cause problems in the future. Researchers noticed that taking drugs by college students is increasing every day. As education demands lots of time and hard work, a student must be aware of the fact that they came to college to study and not partying.

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When a student enrolls in college, they are often moving far away from home for educational and career-building purposes. It’s important to know how much time do college students spend studying. Students don’t always take studying seriously and actually spend most of their time on leisure activities. Surveys suggest that an average full-time college student spends 3.5 hours studying, attending classes and other educational activities out of 24 hours. When coming to live on a campus, many students may see this as their pass to freedom and they don’t always pay attention to the main reason for coming to college. Obviously, a focus on education is important during these key, often life-defining years, and attending classes, studying material, getting essay help when needed are all necessary steps to educational success.

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This article highlights all the points where and how an average full-time college student spends their time. It involves a lot of various activities. It is clear and obvious that they are not using their precious time in educational activities, instead, they are wasting their time in useless ones. Every student and parent needs to read these points and spend their time on meaningful things.


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