How A Foot Massage With Essential Oils Improves Your Mindfulness

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Improving mindfulness can be both a dream and a nightmare at a time. a dream because you want to be like the inspiring legends who’ve achieved the thing and are experts in practicing it. And a nightmare because you very soon realize that it can take a long time to get there. But here’s a thing that can help you throughout the journey. With all the tools and tactics to improve your mindfulness, foot massage using oils, especially essential oils can be a powerful hack to go for. And this might feel a bit ambiguous to you but let’s mindfully explain it to you.

Foot Massage Using Essential Oils to Improve Mindfulness: Binding Together Everything

Scientists believe that the feet nerves connect skin with the internal body organs and the nervous system. And putting different amounts of pressure on the feet, especially in the form of massage can trigger emotional and physical responses. This pressure keeps you more alert, attentive, and focused in a relaxed and easy way. And mindfulness is all about these three aspects of your mind! Where’s the role of essential oils? Essential oils contain powerful chemical components that have so many therapeutic benefits to our overall mental and physical health. And they can help kick off higher levels of stress, anxiety, restlessness, fatigue, and lack of sleep, the obstacles to achieving improved mindfulness. Also, carrier oils, required to dilute essential oils, help essential oils to fully absorb in the skin and thus enabling them to show their magic by diving deeper towards nerve endings.

Top 3 Foot Massage Essential Oils to Improve Mindfulness

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Before we show you our top choices, must keep in mind that:

  • Diluting essential oils before use is a must since undiluted essential oils can cause harm to the skin.
  • Massaging and gently rubbing essential oil on the skin are quite different things – 2-3 drops is enough for rubbing but massage requires more quantity. So, the wiser step is to save both your time and money and hand over bulk essential oils at affordable prices at once.

Helichrysum Essential Oil

Massage it once and the oil will become your bestie amongst the best essential oils for foot massage. On a physical level, Helichrysum essential oil may help calm bottom nerves and put all kinds of pains and foot swelling away, two factors that might keep you from being in the state of mindfulness. And on a spiritual level, the oil can help heal both the soul and psyche.

Frankincense Essential Oil

Considered a grounding and relaxing oil, Frankincense essential oil has been a celebrity in spiritual rituals and ceremonies. This popularity was just because of the oil’s cleansing, healing, and enlightenment-inducing abilities. Adding the oil into your foot massage balm can help you overcome depressive symptoms like stress and anxiety and thus helps you get deeper into your mindfulness practices. Additionally, the oil’s complex yet enjoyable aroma can help deepen breathing and promote attentiveness.

Bergamot Essential Oil

If you want to overcome the feelings of sadness, grief, and nervousness while increasing alertness and focus, then request Bergamot essential oil into your next foot massage lotion. The oil’s spicy, citrus and slightly floral scent is so uplifting and calming and improves the mood. And the more you’re in a mood, the faster you can improve your mindfulness.

Final Words

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There’s no space for doubt that essential oils are best served with foot massage for the improvement of both your mindfulness and overall health. Whichever essential oil you use for the purpose, you’ll crave adding them into each massage you’re going to serve your foundation with.

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